• As far as I recall, soldiers in trenches take extra damage from grenades. Could this explain it?

  • Snipper replied to the topic Weapon Suggestions in the forum Suggestions 1 year, 10 months ago

    Instead of suppressed M1911, I’d like to suggest another gun: the Mk 22 “Hush Puppy” silenced pistol. Perhaps it could be a ribbon for killing some amount of NVA dogs (“Hush Puppy”s were used by the SEALs to take out guard dogs quietly). There was a suggestion for semi-auto shotguns, but considering the fact that most semi-auto guns in-game fire…[Read more]

  • If you snatch an NVA/VC (last update, 1.4), they have a chance to break free when you try to choke/interrogate him. Of the many things they can do if your Viet+Combat (if I’m not mistaken) roll fails, there are:

    scream for help
    run away
    grab your gun and run away with it

    If they grab yer gun and run away with it, say hello to your sidearm for…[Read more]

  • There’s no mission as far as I know where you have to listen in to the NVA… are you talking about the Retransmit mission, where you have to help a sister LRRP team by retransmitting their requests to HQ? There’s a button on the radio panel that says “test rtx power” or something along those lines. Your job is to make it pop up “100%” or at least…[Read more]

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    Creeping barrage could use a mortar or two imo (gunners)

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    Here’s my strategy in the defend firebase mission:

    Step 1: Place mines, check the perimeter for VC stationaries.

    Step 2: Dash to the middle, grab the intel, and rush out.

    Step 3: Quickly throw a grenade or two into the intel table, blowing it up and creating craters (as far as I know, these provide cover).

    Step 4: Load my men into the…[Read more]

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    The culvert is a tunnel with water in the tunnel, with a bridge made of bamboo sticks covering the top. This is part of the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Destroying it hampers the VC’s ability to move throughout the area and therefore respond to your team’s incursions. To destroy it, you’ll need C4, a LAW, or fast air.

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    Here’s how I do breach missions. Get heat to 0 (I’m not sure what the cutoff is, maybe 5-10 will do), and go to the very right of the map. Sneak across the defense line there, as there are no defenses there at low heat.

    • Low heat. Right side of AO. In line positioning with max SPOT first. Items= Smoke. Low Bulk. Sandals if possible.
      As in my vid. Night insertion is great.
      If you feel lucky like I did hit the Overt Skull to run faster.
      Beware that afterwards your Rangers will have very high Fatigue if you run a lot.
      Have fun!

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    The Tiger is already in the game, and is currently… inkillable? I’ve seen a Tiger before, outmaneuvered it with my remaining infantry.

    Also bazookas pretty much never ricochet, that’s just not how they work.

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    bot? or no bot?

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    It’s basically the best American landmine ingame. When you deploy it, step back quickly, as it will deploy tripwires to make VC’s trigger it in a very large area. I use it for firebase defense and hunter killer missions.

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    First off, welcome to the forums! Anyway, if my memory serves me right, the medal of honor gives a 50% (correct me if I’m wrong) saving throw to every shot that hits him.

  • Gotta have a medic, right? Or do you depend on frenchies as medics?

  • First of all, I think Air Recon needs a buff. Perhaps have the recon plane loiter around the AO for a while instead of making 1 pass, keeping all enemies perma-spotted for say… 1 minute. This would make it better for monitoring enemy troop movements and planning ahead of time.

    Scout ability suggestions:

    1. Binocular scan, scout 1st ability.…[Read more]

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    Very true indeed. Some people recommend holding off the medic upgrade until your guy reaches 20 exp, so he can immediately get intensive care. Same for signaller.

    Sig+Scout combos are deadly.

    • ..and some don’t mind letting him work on injured Team-Members while he still an E.M.T. Paramedics are better trained true, but Healing is Healing. I believe the idea in mind was the Loss of Firepower, and I really don’t care what he hits with his pistol. Hell, he just has to put on band-aids and pass out cough syrup on my watch, I get…[Read more]

      • The first person i promote at 20xp is always the Engineer, because he gets his bazooka explosion the earliest(60sec cd). Rifleman’s nade at 40xp(30sec cd), Gunner’s mortar at 30xp (forgot cd).

        And yes medic with 15 combat skills can’t hit nothing, even at point blank. The only remedy for this is to have him placed the leftest whilst walking with…[Read more]

  • How about a sniper?

  • I believe the theory behind “overflight” is that the team leader instructs the Huey pilots to make a run around the AO while they spot critical locations on the ground before landing. That being said, perhaps it should add some heat, that’s a good idea.

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    Oh yes pleaseeeee

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    Haha welcome!

  • I just have to note, the Sniper assassinate idea and the Commando stealth idea weren’t actually mine, they were Soldier98’s (on discord). Anyway I agree with all of his ideas!

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