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    I’ve literally gotten this same exact block of text in an email before. It’s likely a bot.

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    There might have been a couple of MnB3 updates, depending on how long ago you were last active. The biggest news is probably Urb playing around with LUA, which will likely be the replacement for Flash.

    • He still never fixed the dang spelling error in mnb3 with the browning mg

  • Days advanced, ribbons, and profile experience are all saved. Your squad does not carry from session to session. Whenever you choose to halt, you will lose your squad, starting over with a brand new 6 man squad on the next session.

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    I’d suggest you repost this question under a forum topic. These sort of update status aren’t very good for discussion.

  • It might be an anti-download measure put in by Urb. MnB3 has not been officially released for download.

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    Most of Urb’s games, including all of the MnB games, are written using Actionscript 2.0, which is the scripting language used with Flash. However, Flash will soon be phased out, with modern browsers discontinuing support. At the moment, Urb has been fiddling with Lua on the Love2D framework.

    As for seeing the code, that’s ultimately up to Urb’s…[Read more]

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    Managed to get up to Khe San, and I’m not sure it’s actually possible to beat it.

    Any troops near the FOB tend to get overwhelmed, and you have to have at least one unit out to retrieve supplies.

    I’ve tried leaving the FOB alone and rushing for a dozer + defensive emplacement, but the marines garrisoning the structure still get overwhelmed.

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    Have you tried the Super Engineer challenge? One Engineer versus the whole German army.

  • Nope, only after halting and starting with a new squad. Use them wisely!

  • They sort of get manually updated/activated. I’m sure Urb would have a more definitive response to this. Would be nice to have them on a self rotating schedule.

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    Personally, I prefer the gun sounds in MnB2 over MnB3, not that the ones in MnB3 are bad. I think keeping the sounds distinct in each game gives them a more personal and unique touch.

  • I posted this on Discord, but I’ll post it here too for record keeping.

    I suggest an “Leave Soldiers Behind” Advance option. Any soldier not past the line will be left behind and presumably MIA. Perhaps a morale debuff would be in order for the next screen as well. The reasoning for this is that there are sometimes soldiers trapped and unable to…[Read more]

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    IIRC, Germans operate on a number of uses system whereas the player operates on a cooldown system. This means a German soldier can use multiple abilities in quick succession but can only do so up to the amount that they are carrying.

    • Any German Soldier can use 4 abilities in total.
      As far as I know when the game selects what ability he uses he will only use that ability.
      Sadly there is no timer to prevent him from using the ability every second till all are used up.
      Would be good to implement such in my view.

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    From WillWrite on Discord. Edited to remove some irrelevant bits and format.

    I know that umm there’s a forum for the website
    but i was hoping that you implement some quality of life features for the game
    i dont know how difficult this would be
    but it would be so much better if recon had a bigger screen

    I’ll just say the list of things
    1. Make…[Read more]

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    Foxhole’s pretty fun, but you have to be social in it. Otherwise, you’re either grinding for resources or just wandering around and getting shot.

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    I believe the ribbon is leaving a particular area while being 5+ days ahead of schedule. So if you made it past the hedges, it should count. Not sure why it isn’t.

    • I think that one needs to be ahead by 5 days at least when starting the game that brings one past the hedges.
      I am still working on that right now by always (or at least I try to) staying ahead 5 days per new game played.
      Very hard to do.

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    Glad to hear you’re enjoying it! Are you referring to 0.63 or the build on Steam?

    On the Steam version, we’ve scaled down the units (effectively making the map larger) and added in another game mode (similar to MnB2) where you can advance.

  • It’s sort of like a Get Out of Jail card. Just a little extra randomization that can turn a hopeless scenario into a salvageable one. It might serve some other purpose, but that’s my interpretation of it.

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