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    From WillWrite on Discord. Edited to remove some irrelevant bits and format.

    I know that umm there’s a forum for the website
    but i was hoping that you implement some quality of life features for the game
    i dont know how difficult this would be
    but it would be so much better if recon had a bigger screen

    I’ll just say the list of things
    1. Make…[Read more]

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    Foxhole’s pretty fun, but you have to be social in it. Otherwise, you’re either grinding for resources or just wandering around and getting shot.

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    I believe the ribbon is leaving a particular area while being 5+ days ahead of schedule. So if you made it past the hedges, it should count. Not sure why it isn’t.

    • I think that one needs to be ahead by 5 days at least when starting the game that brings one past the hedges.
      I am still working on that right now by always (or at least I try to) staying ahead 5 days per new game played.
      Very hard to do.

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    Glad to hear you’re enjoying it! Are you referring to 0.63 or the build on Steam?

    On the Steam version, we’ve scaled down the units (effectively making the map larger) and added in another game mode (similar to MnB2) where you can advance.

  • It’s sort of like a Get Out of Jail card. Just a little extra randomization that can turn a hopeless scenario into a salvageable one. It might serve some other purpose, but that’s my interpretation of it.

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    Howdy folks!

    Skirmish Line will be releasing on Steam Early Access on the 19th (tomorrow!).

    For everyone who’s been following the game closely, I ask that you post any issues, suggestions, or general commentary on the Steam forums.

  • I got a message from Oznat, citing that his account was temporarily locked out. Do we have an official response for such an issue, or do we usually just wait it out until it resolves itself? Last I checked, it seems to take about 5 days.

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    Hey guys!

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted up here. In that time, I’ve been prepping Skirmish Line for its Steam Early Access release. I’ll leave the current public beta build available for anyone who wants to try the game, but please be aware that it is no longer supported. In other words, there will be missing features and bugs! That said, I…[Read more]

  • Some more bugs:

    The Sherman’s turret will still keep moving and aiming even after the tank has been destroyed. It will not shoot however.

    There are definitely ghost machine guns that cannot be targeted but will continue to fire at your troops.

    The new German half-track’s machine gunner seems invulnerable.

    Lastly, I had another crash/freeze…[Read more]

  • Just got through another round without any crashes. I got awarded another Kyoto Ribbon though. It’s exactly the same thing except the ribbon is lighter gray with green stripes instead of darker gray with red stripes. Both ribbons are in my profile.

  • I haven’t been able to test extensively, but the game has been running smoothly at all stages. I did noticed that none of my progress saved after the crash (even though I had halted the day before for the Scout challenge).

  • Hey Urb, remember when you were talking about the game crashing because of giblets, back on Discord? My flash crashed when a machine gun position was hit by a Sherman’s main gun. I think the crash might be related to either the gun exploding or the man manning the gun exploding.

  • The Offizier will provide an accuracy and morale bonus to nearby troops. Under his presence, German troops will be much less likely to retreat or fallback. Of course, this will also mean letting the Germans be affected by morale as well (just as US troops do currently). In addition to his lugar sidearm, the Offizier has a powerful binocular, with…[Read more]

  • IIRC, none of the ribbons currently work.

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    Neato. I’ve only played CMBN and CMFI. Haven’t tried out the 3.0 upgrade myself though. Used to play it via a PBM system with a friend. It’s probably the most realistic WW2 strategy game. I’d also personally recommend the original Company of Heroes for a more casual but still competitive experience.

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    As far as I know, all of Urb’s games are made with Flash.

  • In Skirmish Line, I used the following method for the machine gunner (although technically this property applies to other units as well):

    Soldier A picks a target, B, and fires one bullet. Soldier B makes a suppression check. All other soldiers within X distance, let’s call them Soldiers C*, also make a suppression check as well, although with a…[Read more]

  • I would say at +5 days ahead of schedule, there’s not much you can do, except pray you get lucky. I like to rush for marksman, since they seem to be the most combat efficient troop at the first promotion. On the other hand, if you lose enough times, it’ll get easy enough for you to recover and advance multiple days.

  • Don’t talk into bushes. If it’s a hedgerow, blow it up with explosives.

  • Formation-wise, I like to order my troops by their portrait order before advancing. This helps me keep track of my soldier since the first soldier (1 key) is always on the far left and so on.

    As for surviving the initial onslaught, it’s a bit of luck, and you just have to accept that there will be casualties. Your first few promotions should be…[Read more]

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