• BigSmoke posted an update 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    How can I play games from here on mobile, I really want to know. Can anyone help me?

    • I don’t think my games (flash) are intended for mobile sadly

      • hey urbzz just a thought but with flash being unsuported in 2020 i was thinking mud and blood 4 might be a good HTML5 version of mud and blood 2 with more features… big fan of your games as ive been playing mud and blood 2 since 2008

    • Somebody mentioned a way, but I forgot it was done. (There was some app that let you play some flash games.)

    • If you are familiar with the Puffin browser app, it comes with the ability to enable and run flash games like the MnB series. It’s a little finicky, and you’ll be able to tell pretty quickly that you’re playing in a way that wasn’t intended (design wise), but barring that this method works for the most part.

    • Thx Urb, Vipility, Lance, and Chi Long Qua

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