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  • kyle posted an update 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    Now that flash games are starting to get lost as a result of flash player becoming vulnerable, Mud and Blood should release on steam and other platforms so it can be enjoyed forever. id pay over 20$ for a collection of MnB games. Just for recon id pay at least 15$ especially if there were updates, even small ones.

    • btw I lost my file where I was a 2 star general, and lost men who were with me for over 1000 days, albeit the reason for their loss wasn’t a mission so im kinda relieved, its like they finished their tour and lived on.

      • Good mind set towards these games man.
        And great to hear of such big support.
        Converting all of these games to another coding language and then distributing them over a larger platform such as Steam is in the making.