• kyle posted an update 3 years, 6 months ago

    playing mnb3 day 8 with a squad of full leveled; medic, rifleman with bar, spec ops, signaler and engineer and a lightly leveled frenchie. the game decides to spawn the guy who calls airstrikes with flares behind me. I know he didn’t slip past my guys, I was super thorough. so my whole team is airstriked with two flares and i lose 3 hours of my life. why the fuck did a guy spawn behind my lines. way to fuck me over in new and aggravating ways mnb.

    • day 132= on day 8 of same squad pressing the day

    • anyway, that was my one play of the game in a month and I was left crushed and angry that it would decide to spawn enemies behind my lines.

    • One time, when I was playing MNBR, I had a 4 man squad of my most experienced most skilled Rangers in my whole chalk go out on a Attack base mission, but it turned out that the base I was suppose to attack was right below the landing zone, so when the chopper dropped my squad, the base that had an artillery gun blew up all my soldiers as they got off the chopper almost instantly.

      It happened so fast, I didn’t even have enough time to rage quite (trust me, I tried, rage quitting is the reason why I even had 2 Sargent to begin with) to save my soldiers so I basically lost my 4 best men that I spend several weeks grinding.

      That’s brutality for you. Unfair shit.