• roberthemaster posted an update 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    fuck it i give up on Mnb 3 il just stick to (Recon) and the old (Mnb)

    Note: I’m not deleting my progress i am just not going to attempt to play it again so ya

    (Plus) I cant play a start a single mission without all my men getting pinned so yeah…

    • Or getting straight up annihilated…

    • dont be aggresive

      be defensive

      when all your men shooting skill is up to 30

      you go

      • ?? All you men START with 30 combat skill so that seams like a rather misleading advice.
        However you are right about the non-aggressive approach.
        You men start with a weapon that has a very good long distance range. Use that.
        If the enemy is really to strong then you are most likely to far ahead for your capabilities.
        To drop down the ahead-of-days meter just start the game (play) and then reload until you think you are on a schedule that you can tackle.

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