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  • urbzz posted an update 2 years, 3 months ago

    Last winter 3d engine making progress

    • Awesome!! I can really get that feeling of exploring the great unknown wilds from that point of view.
      This IS the real Last Winter feel. :mrgreen:

    • I rly can’t wait to play 3D version of Last Winter……..but I feel like, with the dark, and the forests… kinda feels like Slenderman is gunna pop up O_______O

      ….but maybe, because I am just a panzy XD

    • wow I love this style!! its like Doom meets Stwalt. Perfect for last winter. I made some 8bit coureur des bois songs a while back too if you’re interested

  • Natives of North America/ Canada around 1600 – 1700.
    This is from the time of the beaver Wars
    Good resource >>> First Nations in Canada
    Native American history by the ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA

  • Just gonna throw this out there, but if you’re doing a POW rescue in Recon and the Ranger who has the POWs following him gets downed, they will full-on Forrest Gump it into the jungle in random directions.

    I test these things so you don’t have to.

    • Ho, Ho, Welcome Back Broadsword. 🙂
      Nice find. Could you click on the POW again to maker him follow another Ranger or was he to fast?

      • I made the mistake of trying this with a Company on High Alert, so my attention was drawn elsewhere for the next fifteen seconds or so. By that point, I kept hearing random calls of “Enemy spotted!” in the distance, but never did find any of them. Still, they gave me an extra 13 or so intel for all the VC they ran by without killing, so it wasn’t…[Read more]

  • Tyrud replied to the topic Screenshots in the forum Recon Movies and Screenshots 3 years ago

    When you’re playing Recon while vibing to synthwave and retrowave music in the background.

  • urbzz replied to the topic Screenshots in the forum Recon Movies and Screenshots 3 years ago

    Thanks for the sitrep mate. Funny how i’ve read similar accounts in actual LURP books. Whoever made that game is on to something 🙂

  • urbzz posted an update 3 years ago

    The new mnb wiki is at this link: this decision is permanent.

    • Excellent!
      I see that entire wiki has to be rewritten anew, but at least it’s back.

      • There’s some work to be done but we have time. Some stuff in the old wiki was getting stale and over written I believe.

        It is also a nice opportunity for the new blood to leave their mark. We got in some really good writers lately but sadly no way for them to chip in.

        • Reid replied 3 years ago

          Speaking of which, a message to the wiki team this weekend:
          When we port stuff over I do not want to just simply copy/paste. As urb said the old knowledgebase is a bit overwritten, has outdated spots, and is a bit bloated at this point. What we want to do is to minimize having to start totally from scratch while still creating a new and much more…[Read more]

        • Good to hear.
          I believe we’ll have some datamining to do again and are likely to need your help with that Boss. (Mainly game mechanics and precise numbers.)
          Also, how does contributing work? Can anyone just come and start adding things, or are there admins, moderators, editors?

          • It’s safe to assume that at least Reid (if he want’s to) can point where is the right direction as far as the wiki goes. He also has a fair knowledge of scripting. As soon as he gets there I’ll add him as admin and he will constitute his staff from there which I’m convinced you’ll be a key element of.

            • Reid replied 3 years ago

              Joined, username is Wulver (Reid was taken of course). @Kacpo is for sure invited to be a major part of the crew

    • Alright! Glad to see it’s back up!

    • So, let’s head to the work. XD

    • Well you know I’ll help where I can, but that can be aLoaded statement. 🙂 Sorry, just the way I’m built I guess. Real U.R.B. in My DNA-coding I fear. 😉

  • So I called in a Sherman and some arty. The arty set a fire, the sherman drove over the fire.

    He kindly waited until my men got to the finish before exploding, however 😀

  • Arise posted an update 3 years, 3 months ago


    @mo-tah just found a track! ”
    ” He study the track very carefully…… ”

    ” It is a Arise foot step, can’t say how old it is, at least one individual is here! ”


  • ..maybe a French Maiden found a couple of D-batteries, that would a end a game…



  • Just wanted to make a topic so people can easily find their saves for backup/transfer. Keep in mind anything I say is strictly for windows 7 and chrome, so if someone has a different os or browser and wants to share, go right ahead.

    Here is the location for mnb3 on Chrome:
    C:Users(your name here)AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefaultPepper…[Read more]

  • Ahhh it feels so good to post patches notes again. This patch contain fixes about stuff you guys brought up in our forums lately. this will polish the game in order to add the content that is planned for the near […]

  • @lance coming at us with the Unfair Random Neutrality, lol

  • Yes, I am also a Person who plays mnb3, can i be cool n hip too with the cool kids?

  • Nebula posted an update 3 years, 8 months ago

    Second real life day of trying to find a stupid little intel box in Recon

  • Hitting the tactics books you say? Please allow me to direct you to our newly created download section where all your needs will be fulfilled my academic friend.

  • urbzz posted an update 3 years, 9 months ago

    Slight change to the MNB3 closed alpha commando third tier skill. Currently the commando can call reinforcements if your squad is under 6 men. That reinforcement will be french resistance. These soldiers come with less combat skills than the GIs and their morale replenish slower. They do come with random weaponry however. They level up just has…[Read more]

    • So this skill can repeat use? Will that be too strong and break the reinforcement balance?

      • “if your squad is under 6 men.”
        I think that he is not going to let there be more then 6 allied soldiers at any times in the game.
        However there needs to be a bug fix made where the game does not registered a fallen GI properly.
        In my last tests and before it happened a few times that the game told me I still had all 6 men when it was not so.…[Read more]

      • No! I mean, if this skill can usually use, can max reduce the possible damage form the bullet as you can put them in front of your team to be a meat shield. These mean the man down effect will be reduce.

        Otherwise this skill should require very long cooling time.

        • it should have a timer on it. Some polish is needed and there’s few lil glitches but I wanted the new skill system out asap so you guys can test it.

  • I would just like to say flak38’s are the worst thing ever invented that will be all

    • Indeed! The nightmare for the infantry in early game.

      • Just a reminder.
        This site basically has 3 places where a post goes to.
        By posting strait into the top field you post only into your own account. Sort of like making a shout that will get bumped down and out eventually.

        Posting into a Forum Topic (the starter of this conversation did so) and this post should have been made there so that it…[Read more]

        • I see your point Lance. I will try to keep in mind as soon as possible. Group day, guess we need more group from now.