• RedDot posted an update 4 years, 3 months ago

    Aren´t you guys working on Recon anymore?

    • They are focusing on the stability of MNB3 and The Wiki currently and might give Recon some patches when they can.

      • I know but… is been a while 🙁

        • RECON?!?! 😮 What about Last Winter?!? 🙁 “’s been awhile…” :p The Vietnam conflict Did Not come before the era of the Coureur de Bois. Those soldiers were mere twinkles in their granpappys eyes when there were Runners of the Woods.

          • Sory, english isn´t my firs language… and I didn´t want to offend anyone. -.-‘

            • No-One is offended bro. Here in Urbania we might step on toes, or consume too much brew, or say outlandish things.., :/ I might be the worst at that. ..but we don’t hold a grudge. Anyone does, tell me or Lance. 😀 I’m sure it’ll get worked out over beers!

        • The problem is, we only have one @urbzz ! lol That is pretty sad, actually. XDD

    • probably, but obviously have to wait until MNB3 get to a stable patch. >o<

      Hang tight.

    • I want Recon to be updated as well, there are just so many things that you can do in recon that you can’t in the other MnB games.

      But MnB3’s stability is the first priority.