• Minh posted an update 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    Uh , did urb remove the emergency supply drop in Recon?
    Recon is getting more and more randomly epic
    2 footprints combined with a spectre = 19 kills within a ‘blast’

    • Lance replied 2 weeks ago

      Yes, because it had some bugs and for a quick fix he simply removed the call option.
      It’s still there in the Radio but it does nothing now.
      Would have love to see that 19 Spectre kill. Awesome!

      • Wait, no supply drop? What do I do when I have no ammo now?!

      • Minh replied 2 weeks ago

        ya just leave 2 tracks leading on the same way at the middle
        of a box ( u need 35% heat or above to do that) , then wait for the ‘kill box’ to fill up then call on a strike( It will amaze u that a huge’ blast’ killed 10 VC

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