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  • “Bigfoot” returns from the back and takes a seat next to the prestigious gentlemen. “I am in no need of drink”. He puts his bullhorn on the table and pulls out a small bag. The words “Pajarito” can be read on the front. He dumps its herbal contents into the bullhorn and places his metal spoon inside it. He grabs his leather thermos and pours hot…[Read more]

  • The man replies to the welcomed hospitality, ” My name be Puguasu from tribal Guarani, but you can call me “Bigfoot”, that is the translation to English.” He quickly rushes to the back to clean up. He turns his head while sliding through the door, “And Thank ye”, “This world has need of more places like this…” With that he exits for a time being.

  • Beyond the woods a shadow eases his way to the front of the old faithful tavern. In his mind he wonders what lays in store for him. He gently pushes the doors open and takes a moment to process the scene before him. A large man with a German uniform sits at one of the tables with a bowl of lemons and an empty bottle of vodka. Another man equally…[Read more]

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    Hello fellow URB foke, Another fan from years before. It’s hard to find urb folk nowadays. So I figured I would come spend some time here.

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