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  • psalmas posted an update 2 years, 8 months ago

    (mnb2) how do i backup? when my troops get overun by heavy armor what do i do? what shoud i do befor that? what defenses shoud i make?

    • *Your game save? That’s a bit complicated. In the MNB2 forum there should be a topic on that.
      * Lose = Game Over.
      *Good ones. :mrgreen:
      For more detailed feedback please got to the MNB2 Forum and post each question in an appropriate topic thread or create a new one.
      MNB games are a bit to complicated to give good answers on the fly.

    • 1-
      *You can find the cover to hide, to let the dangerous armor unit pass, which cost the overrun numbers.
      *Prepare anti armor unit, and use them wisely.
      *Mine the field.
      3-Plan your tactic, use TP wisely and make sure you have something to handle the German vehicle.
      4- Build a defense to handle as more threat as possible, their lots of threat in MNB2. Tank, Arty, Infantry, Flaking unit, Sniper, make your defense to handle multiple situation.

      Please ask more for detail on forum or discord, before asking, maybe you can read some post on our MNB2 forum or view the wiki page.