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    Just completed a Hunter/Killer mission that really just hit the fan. The objective was to kill 7 VC, but my Intel said that there would be a platoon of militia, so thankfully I loaded up with some heavy weaponry. I ended up with 47 kills, and not a single injury, which was surprising because I ran into a ton of NVA. Ammo boxes are a lifesaver.

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    How do you guys feel about the FN FAL? I just gave it to a Recruit and he was racking up kills on a Screen mission. I might consider using this instead of the M14.

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    Great list, here’s a few that aren’t on there that I personally love

    -Apocalypse Now
    -Full Metal Jacket
    -Saving Private Ryan
    -Black Hawk Down
    -Hamburger Hill

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    I personally love the BAR and the M60. If I know I’m going to run into a lot of VC or even NVA I’ll take the extra bulk for the sheer firepower of both those powerhouses. I also like to give my high spot/combat soldier the M14 because it really emphasizes their skill set. For a middle of the road weapon I use the M16 until I unlock the Stoner 63,…[Read more]

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    I had this same exact thing, and I was just as confused. Lance is right, he’s a special NVA leader

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    On a hunter killer mission I had in Recon, I kept hearing a megaphone with what sounded like an angry NVA officer. Can any one tell me the source of this? Later on in the same mission I ran into a few NVA soldiers, so maybe that has something to do it.

    • Could be a VC radio station. They will broadcast information and if you hear the sounds of a megaphone then one is nearby. Retransmit near it to gain intel.

    • I think that’s what happens when an NVA officer starts shouting commands to his troops, not sure if they do that regularly or only when they are coordinating an attack.

    • It is a NVA guy with his own equipment, mostly that means there are some NVA unit in your AO. Radio station will have different sound and only will be heard when you are close enough.


      • The megaphone guy is a NVA commander, it is a special unit. Mostly he controls all the units in the AO. If you go overt, he will organise sweeps, encirclements, flankings to a greater scale usually experienced.

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