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  • Will posted an update 2 years, 10 months ago

    why do the germans in MnB3 shoot so many flares I had them shoot 3 right after another

    • URB

      • I had one through flares on a new wave right at the line. As for the flares in threes … Soldiers have 3 times they can use a skill. Being AI / NPC they have the advantage of no cooldown and sometimes do them in quick succession. Players can repeatedly use them, but must wait for a cooldown.

        • Or you could just play the hacked version and press the “Toggle Cooldown” button, along with the “Toggle Health ” and “Experience” buttons and enjoy your life if your interested in possibly seeing a Tiger or something else if you never were able to get to see one(Play this version sparingly or not play it at all and try not to rush through the whole thing at the speed of the Soviet Union to avoid apathy towards the game, as many could argue that it ruins the whole point).