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  • Are we no longer able to edit posts in the current build of the website/has the button to do this moved?

    • Currently you only be able to edit it after you post it for a short time. It will no longer provide add for everyone once the time end. lol

  • So I, like Lance, also had a top 10 score on the old leaderboards.


    Wave 435


    This was back in the day with double bunkers so its not as impressive at all, and I think I might have went a bit wild with buying useless units as this strat should have only run 12 men but in 400+ waves I probably did lose a couple.

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    I don’t think that there are really more optimal ways to go about it than the strategies yourself and Italy have already posted. Ever since the Zook Nerf I feel there has been less diversity in the strategies that are available to use (and I played during the double bunker era xD). You cant really expect to go far with a small squad anymore, mines…[Read more]

    • You say true sai, say thankya 😉 Yes, as newcomer it is a steep learning curve now, but think that is one of the most interesting parts, as you first have to learn to deal with german infantry power, once you can do that, 222, flak, pak,…will be next mountain to climb.
      I personally would like a more unfair mode button or so. With a good profile…[Read more]

      • Very long games was main reason I “specialized” on new profile runs in MnB2. And in my opinion, none of my high rounds game comes even close to my fifth best new profile game, but may be personal preference.

  • After a near squad wipe, a Panzer, and several waves of reinforcements, I was able to comeback and take the advance.

  • To the people who crate videos of MnB3, what program do you tend to use for editing? What file format is your go to for it/what render settings do you tend to use?

    Im currently using Premier Pro 2016, exporting as a QuickTime H.264 720p. Its taking me roughly 30 mins to render, and nearly 2 hours to upload a 15~ish min video, (file sizes coming…[Read more]

    • I use oCam to record and then I play the recording and use oCam again to record/ pause/ record what I want to edit together. out of the whole pervious recording.
      Easiest way for me.
      I could use Windows Movie Maker but then the file gets ultra large and takes half a day to upload.
      I recode in MP4 HD format since that is what you-tube seams to…[Read more]

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    Yeah had a little play around with combining some assets then sketched this out, one of the hands is behind the gun though whoops

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  • Finally found the time to become a proud member of the Gold Star Squad, I decided to give a go at recording and I guess it was my lucky day that it all worked out. Took me about 3 1/2 hours so I’ll edit some of the juicy bits out and maybe be able to contribute some video-footage of some hardcore URB.

  • I’m not sure if it has been mentioned before but It seems that the Gold Star medal gets awarded early.

    I started on Dday+4 behind schedule by 3 days, and ended on Dday+5 ahead by 6 days, so by my math that works out as 10 advances, 9+ the day for being on schedule?

    I think I have seen it reported on being awarded on 11 advances (including the…[Read more]

  • Is there a community challenge this week? If there is I cant see/select it, it was showing up as “undefined” yesterday I think, and I have yet to play it (so it would not be missing because my chances are up).

    • I was just informed that there are currently no more Challenges coded into the game.
      urbzz needs more time to get them in.
      In the meantime it does surprise me that nobody here though of a Challenge Suggestion Topic for the MNB3 forum.

  • @polarfuchs I read your post last night and I took a few hours reflecting on what I have stated about the officer.

    You mention the officer having long term effect and having increased effectiveness the more waves you are advanced up.

    As for long term effect, I have to argue that the officer does not have a long term effect at this current…[Read more]

  • Let’s talk about the Officer. Right now he feels like the “worst” unit, he doesn’t have a clear purpose, and the abilities he has are lacklustre.

    To restate what I have said before, the officers play style is too “slow”. What I mean by this is that the officers passive ability does not work in the games advancing format, and he has a very…[Read more]

  • It’s really interesting to see all of the different combinations people are using so far, it seems that there are many different tactics that people are experimenting with.

    I still haven’t cleared hedgerows yet so I may change my mind further into the game (not had much time to play).

    Also, I think it should be noted that my play style is very…[Read more]

  • Hey seeing as we have a fullscreen version of MnB3, is it possible for us to get a fullscreen version of MnB2?

    I used to play it fullscreen with the downloadable .exe, but seeing as the game has progressed many versions since then and I would like to try and keep up to date with it, I’d love to have a fullscreen MnB2.

    Arguably with the amount of…[Read more]

  • With a quick wave of the had he hails the barkeep and asks “Don’t suppose you have any Rum, do you?”, before leaning on the bar and getting himself mighty comfy.

    “The UK?” he ponders, scratching at his chin. “Yes I suppose I still hail from there, been traveling for a while round the rest of Europe, but I always come back.”

    Recognizing the…[Read more]

  • I realize this is the setting ENEMY tanks on fire thread, but I thought it might be useful to note that it seems tanks have 3 “stages” of being on fire.

    The “Whew its getting a bit hot in here” stage.

    Tank Fire Small

    The “No turning back” stage.

    Tank Fire Big

    And finally the “Very Dead” stage.


    On a side note, I wonder if it would be good to clarify the “1 tank per…[Read more]

  • Same here, always starting from Omaha Beach with a fresh profile as it gives you the opportunity to train up a usable squad for the long haul.

    Fairly consistently starts to happen around the 7-9 advances mark, and once it starts happening it tends to happen every map following.

    My only outlier so far has been the game where I lost two men on…[Read more]

  • I’ve given up on the gold star till something is implemented, over the course of 5 attempts I have lost on average 3 men to mines, normally starting around advance 8-9, the closest I have gotten is advance 10 but by that point the loss of a man or two is too devistating to continue…

    On my last attempt I lost the total of 7 men to mines, 2 as…[Read more]

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