• Nolan posted an update 9 months ago

    Hey guys whenever I click to play MNB2 it just download s a file named mudandblood2.swf… Any help here?

    • i have no clue man, same thing happens to me. I’d post this in the technical help forum.

      • Try changing your browser. It kinda does that on my GF’s macbook with the mac navigator or whatever they call it. Use chrome and see what’s up. Hope this helps.

        • Does your system have the Flash-Player program from Adobe?
          All the games here run on Flash.
          I recommend the Firefox Browser.

        • Yeah I am using chrome though lol
          Wierd… Have any other ideas?

          • Nvm got it to work I just had to tick the “always allowed to run” under plugins in chrome on the Adobe flash player.

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