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  • Nguyen Hai Nam posted an update 11 months, 2 weeks ago

    So the new mud and blood recon is being developed and I just want to suggest some ideas regarding enemy types (I am Vietnamese BTW)
    -Natives: Equipped with crossbows, home-made muskets, these guys are great at stalking but sucks at fighting. They will not likely engage the rangers but rather follow them, shout to nearby forces or plant traps. Often go alone or accompany by another.
    -Militia: Located in village, they will abandon it when the rangers are presented but filled the place with booby traps. They are poorly equipped, often have whatever they can get their hands on. Move in large group but fight defensively and bad overall
    -Vietcong: Employ ambushes to maximize casualties, these guys are supplied with Soviet and Chinese weapons, some captured US guns as well. Move in group of 3-4 people
    -NVA: Aggressive, really aggressive, they will try to close the distance with their automatic weapons so the rangers cant call air support and arty on them. Always move in squad-side formation.
    -Dac Cong: Master of stealth, only seen in defend mission when they are the one making the attack. They will crawl to the firebase, use grenades and automatic weapons in close range to wipe the rangers. They will divide their squad into small group and attack from all side, so be careful.
    – Counter LRRP: Move in squad of 4, make no sound, have advanced weapons and tough as nails, you should not engage these guys unless you are prepared and armed to teeth.
    -GRU: Extremely rare to encounter, these Russian soldier are heavily armed and extremely skilled in combat. If your team is wiped out by them you will lose all the intel, if your team manage to win somehow, you get +30 merit, 4 killcards and a nice ribbon.

    • Very nice suggestions.
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