• Nguyen Hai Nam posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    I just discovered today that one of my lecturer is a complete badass.
    He is a law professor, graduated from the Moscow Diplomatic Academy, the oldest diplomatic academy in the world. Guy’s a genius, not only did he write a part of our nation’s Civil Law, he is also a poet, a literature critic and a true gentleman (he was trained to be a diplomat so he got all the manner and shit). Look at him, literally nobody would have guessed that this old man kicked some serious ass back in the day.
    In 1975, our lecturer was only 18 years old when he and his NVA comrades stormed Saigon and “liberated” the South. The country was united, but the struggle for peace had not ended yet. From 1975-1979, the Khmer Rouge (Cambodian Communists) and their extremist ideal started committing genocides, killing Vietnamese villagers and attacking our outposts all along the Western border. Our lecturer, like many others, was ordered to remain in the south to stabilize the region.
    September 19th, 1977, our lecturer lonely traveled a distance of 1.3 km along the Vietnam-Cambodia to deliver medical supplies to his unit. Little did he know shit was about to hit the fan. At approximately 23:30 PM, our lecturer was just about to sleep when he heard machine gun fire; grenades, mortars, shells exploding all around him. The Khmer Rouge had infiltrated during the night and were attacking his position with battalion’s strength. He and his friend, an armorer, rushed to the weapon depot and protected it the entire night. The next morning, when the enemy had retreated, he discovered that the enemy infiltrators was no less than 10 meters from the road he took to deliver the medical supply earlier that night. Why didn’t they kill him on sight ? Perhaps because they didn’t want their plan to be compromised by just one random soldier. Honestly, we will never know.
    9 days later, it was time for pay back. Some forward observers was deployed deep behind enemy line to locate concealed support weapon’s positions and destroy them with accurate mortar fire. One of the guys from the mortar crew was our lecturer. He set up the 81 mm mortar, adjusted the sight and fired 3 rounds. Guy was so accurate that the enemy support crew didn’t know what hit them. For 20 minutes straight forward observers reported no enemy movement, the targets were completely destroyed. Later they saw the enemy retreated in disarray, probably caused by the loss of their support weapons.

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