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    urbzz - "Dev update: Currently toying with love2d a game making framework and learning the ropes around it. In order to keep everything scaleable I’m building a small political simulator (maybe Lance and few other have […]"View
    active 1 hour, 58 minutes ago
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    Lance - "Posted for Arise since he managed to kick himself of the site once again: Arise @everyone I will do life Stream at 2018 0117 2200 Beijing time, for MNB3 and […]"View
    active 5 hours, 8 minutes ago
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    active 2 weeks, 3 days ago
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    Joker - "snipers tend to be exp hogs,.@ wolf my opinion is you may need them, but never call that exp hogging devils too soon,"View
    active 4 weeks, 1 day ago
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    Mexican Batman - "Day 111 on Schedule with a Brigadier General rank , I wonder what next deployment will be like . Happy Canada all"View
    active 6 months ago
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