• Just a suggestion. Can we force anyone have to post why I wish to get into this community before they register as a member and be review by MOD? If it is a spam account, then simply decline their join.

    A review function before they get in, then we can let everyone as free as it can be, also will be good for MOD post review. Have to find and kick…[Read more]

  • Some of my own basic guidelines:

    – Avoid moving your squad all at once at all costs. Aim for a 1 to 1 ratio, i.e. for every dude who is moving have a guy who is staying still to cover him.

    – Like Lance said, split your guys up into teams for easier manageability. I like to use this formation:

    1A — — — 3A
    — — 2A — —
    — — — — —
    — –…[Read more]

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