• Mrprofilen posted an update 8 months ago

    Just blew a 100% covert game in Recon. So disappointed. Didn’t even get a killcard out of it for taking too long… Killcards are so good early game if you manage to get decent gear/weapons early.

    • Yes, kill cards are god send when you have a decent weapon early on.

      • I’ve only had a good weapon once, or decent I should say. Good ‘ole RPD. My first mission gave me the bail the fuck out and keep followers at bay mines. I just started using them to see how they would do when I fuck up a stealth mission. Are you subjected to friendly fire by these mines (M86)?

        • Can’t edit replies? Also, I meant to say I’ve only had a good weapon in the BEGINNING few missions once.

          • Use the Forums to make better and longer conversations editable.
            Remember to DELETE the older entries yourself from the front page since it will help that people do not read your previous, unedited, posts too.

            • I suspected that the forums would be better, of course, but I never remember to go there. Maybe I should start up the forums before the main page (MnB is on my quick bar, since I check it everyday).

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