• Mrprofilen posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    Been in this one stealth mission for nearly 3 hours. Just have to spot 2 guys, are you serious. Spot one, decide to regroup to move north. Of course 2 VC just happened to be walking into that tree. Had to engage then pull of. Again, chilling in a spot waiting for movement. Hear someone, he’s once again walks into the tree (I swear they’re not spotting me, they’re just happening to walk over there on patrol). Soldier hits first melee, misses second. VC says fuck H2H combat and sprays his AK, misses all bullets. Had to engage and pull of once again. Cannot find the the 2 enemies I need to spot…

    Also, why the hell is my guy able to spot a villager walking in a village 1 1/2 grids away but not the VC in front of me? VC dripped in stealth coating, I see.

    QRF still hasn’t responded… Can’t get free spots and flee :(.

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