• Mrprofilen posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    Ok guys, recorded a video for today but it is 35 minutes of mostly stealth (was 90% in a hunter/killer mission interesting, ended with 74 due to complications with enemies near the end haha). I can either upload this or go through the footage and grab screenshots and turn it into an AAR, thoughts?

    • You could make a cut video showing interesting events or an AAR.

      • I was thinking of cutting it but it was only a 9 kill round. I mean, the first 15 minutes was me trying to stealthily snatch one guy. I ended up just walking past him and trying find a trail near LZ. It didn’t kick off till towards the end. I’ll upload it to unlisted and if anyone wants it I can link it. I’ll make a full AAR tomorrow.

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