• Mrprofilen posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    And so starts my hunt for the Fire in the Lake boardgame. Found two in the 60$ range in good condition and the rest are 100$ or more. Hopefully one of these two in the 60$ range reply, eager to play this outside of a VASAL module.

    • That games looks very interesting and complicated. Surely will take hours to play.
      I love board games, especially war types, but have nobody around to play them with. Online or even per mail is not my thing since that takes to long unless the game has been digitized.
      The sentence under the Game name sound awfully familiar. 😉

      • I have your problem too. It’s annoying, but when you finally find someone it is amazing.

        • Well, that makes three of us.

          • Good VASSAL modules make playing digital boardgames easy and fun to play. I’ve been playing a solo Fire in the Lake game for like, 3-4 hours and I’m having a blast. Helps when the people who make the board game module actually set it up great and add some helpful things.

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