• Mrprofilen posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    Oh… You lose progress if you keep going and then die… Instead of being ahead you go behind… Nice. So instead of being 5 days ahead, I’m one behind. Also

    Turns out they needed a hell of a lot of men to stop 3 100XP 80+ combat soldiers. No, they didn’t kill any of my guys. 4 landmines in a row did. Oddly…[Read more]

    • Another fun fact is current the detect function about mine might be broken, so enjoy your trip with those mines. lol

  • Mrprofilen posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    Personally, I’m feeling marksman is ONE (just one) of the strongest (there are many more) paths for our GI. He’s proven to be a necessity to our advance, taking out 4 men in under 6 seconds, and rendering an 88 out of commission as soon as it was spotted.

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    • I gotta say this is true.

      Sniper one shotted an 88 while my other GIs flanked around to draw the gun.

  • Mrprofilen posted a new activity comment 1 month, 1 week ago

    I believe they do set up their own attacks per-see. URB scripted it in for them to fall back or advance based on circumstances, if I remember correctly.

  • Welp, this is going to be fun.

    Dday +2...

  • Well, got unlucky on my 3rd game. Pz.Gren runs at me at mach four and tosses a grenade, gibbing one of my soldiers and wounding the other two… Just a minor setback.


    edit: This was just off the spawn too, moved up a few pixels…

  • Mrprofilen posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    Just had one hell of a second game. Turns out they sent out some well trained Wehrmacht soldiers. Instantly killed two of my men. Then played the retreat game for about 10 minutes, mortars are no joke. Then, I went on the offensive with my last 4 men. Got really damn lucky, killing 3-4 people per rifle grenade. Who knew being ahead of schedule for…[Read more]

    • Nice war story. BTW There is a MNB3 AAR topic thread in the MNB3 Forum. 😉

      • Yes, I am aware. I didn’t count this as an AAR. AARs to me are fully fleshed out. I will make sure I post things in there relative places next time i.e AAR;Screenshots.

        • Nice. aamm I sort of used this reply as an advertisement for people to post into the forums. 😉 😀

  • Mrprofilen posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    Holy shit. MnB3 is out? And what a day in history for it to be out on. Can’t wait to put a few videos out later today. Have fun guys, happy URBing.

  • Mrprofilen posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Yo guys, I’ll be back for a few months. Just finished Highschool and currently applying for college. Hopefully I’ll get some good playtime into MnB3 and help reports some things before I go to college and everything picks up. Maybe I’ll put up some MnB:R videos. Love that game.

  • Open your browser and just drag the file onto the browser. Or, right click the file and say “open with…”

  • Mrprofilen posted an update 2 months ago

    I kind of wish that challenge would be a permanent mode in MnB3… I love realism, a lot. I think balancing the realistic damage a tad bit more would make it really good. All in all, fantastic little challenge. @urbzz

    @lance Thanks for the video. Enjoyed it.

    • Thanks you for the reply and you are all welcome as always my fellow Urbanians. 😀

  • Mrprofilen posted a new activity comment 3 months, 1 week ago

    Nice announcement URB. Take your time, though. I imagine in 2 months you’ll get a lot done, if there is no setbacks. I’m excited URB, good luck and god speed.

  • Mrprofilen replied to the topic Screen Mission Newbie in the forum Recon 3 months, 1 week ago

    Hey! Screen missions are pretty fun for stealth. The point of a screen mission is to scout the north of the map (the top map) for the QRF forces coming into the map. You then have to relay that to command (it’ll ask you if the QRF has entered the AO, and then the approximate size of it). What I usually due is track to the edge of the map (left or…[Read more]

  • Mrprofilen posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Yo guys, I’m back finally, but not for long. I will be posting some MnB 2 stuff and some Recon AARs to add to some community threads, since we’re lacking content…

    I also see a ton of good suggestions going around… That’s great.

  • Hey Lance. Nice post! I’ll add some of my “quest” later! I haven’t had much playtime in anything lately due to the potential outbreak of tornadoes here in the South (US). I had a few close calls with some and couldn’t take the chance (19 miles away, tornado [~20 minutes]).

    Can’t wait to get back into some of URB’s games.

  • Mrprofilen posted a new activity comment 3 months, 4 weeks ago

    I’ve had a Cyberpower pc before. The one tip I can give you is to replace that AMD FX 4300 asap. Even a budget i5 is absolutely better than it, and even the “higher-end” CPUs by AMD. AMD CPUs are never meant for hardcore gaming, so if you’re not planning on playing super-high AAA titles, then it’s honestly ok.

    • I’m more of a casual gamer. CS:GO, Heroes & Generals, War Thunder, ect. So far, the games run at 70-100 fps at medium-high graphics, even with other programs running. Due to my lack of computer knowledge, I don’t think I’ll be modding it anytime soon. I’ll keep that in mind in case shit hits the fan.

  • Mrprofilen replied to the topic Games in the forum General Forum 4 months ago

    The BF-109s do quite some work in War Thunder. I used them during sim-battles. The FW-190s are quite good, but in Sim they stall a lot more than they should.

    The British faction has a nice premium plane, the Mustang MK.1 I believe. I had some fun in that aswell. Their Typhoons are quite effective.

    And then the big guys, USSR. The Yaks just…[Read more]

  • Mrprofilen posted an update 4 months ago

    Finally managed to log-in after a long hiatus. Did manage to catch most of the post over the month, including the “drama” that ensued within these days. I haven’t seen drama like this hit any of our MnB forums before, or, at least throughout the time I’ve been here. A little disappointing if I’m being completely honest.

    • In any case, it’s over now. I don’t expect any ugliness like that any time soon too.

  • I use most of these formations when I play too! Good guide. Also, go to the main-page and delete all the post but the most recent one. The more edits = more post on the activity feed! Happy hunting!

  • I always find it funny in Recon when the QRF is only a detachment. Man, they’ll show us with their superior numbers…

  • All my missions are dead drops, all three. Had to come check this out. Even though I’ve played a lot of Recon, I’ve always avoided DD. Now, it’s time to take it head on.

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