• mjr23002 posted an update 2 years, 3 months ago

    I tried to show my friends the greatness of mud and blood 3 and they got turned off as soon as they couldn’t select all or run and gun troops or learned it was a flash game *sigh* shows people are to pampered.

    • Shame. They’re missing out. Maybe introduce them to MnB2 first then MnB3?

      • Dam gaming industry got them programed to only play their way. 🙁

        • The fact that someone wants to do a move all in a game where tactical movement is so crucial just blows my fucking mind lol.

          • ahm some move all commands would be nice for quiet fields and fast reactions towards said tactical situations.
            If players screw up due to that then they are simply poor commanders.
            What I mean by “game industry controls” is that they are pretty much standardized for fighting games using more then a single main character by using mouse draw mass select mechanics.
            Kids these days are simply to lazy to learn old stuff again.
            I know first hand. 🙁

          • well it made sense for Recon, and while MnB3 requires a lesser degree of hiking there are vaild times in which precision movement does not seem to be true to life (seeking shelter from artillery, falling back, making large gains in definitively empty areas). I don’t think it always makes sense to tell each individual soldier what to do in the interest of time and survival.

            Some people will use move-all very intentionally and others will abuse it to hilarious and disastorous results. But I think we could all use more shitshow videos in our diet haha

      • they would say the same about MnB2 sadly i told them the game actually has really good programming behind it but they said it would make a good highschool game project (even though they actually have not played more than ten minutes) I’m not gonna I got a little bit triggered after the high school part lol.

        • That is so annoying. especially since there is no chance they could program a game as complex as MnB2 to save their life!

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