• mjr23002 posted an update 2 years, 10 months ago

    I was hoping mud and blood 3 would be in the “play urb games” tab but when you clicked on it, it would take you to a video of never gonna give you up. I’m highly dissapointed in the lack of April of the fools jokes.

    • We know everyone want to play MNB3 and we do try our best to put effort on the game development. Recently the Urb got some very serious real life job and can’t get enough time for coding, so we still stuck in 0.20a! Beside, we can’t make sure when the game will be finished, too much unexpected bug happened and serious balancing problem force the group to slow down.

      Come on men, this is not a joke, every men fight on their line. We all wish it out as soon as possible.

      We will not put the pressure on Boss for now, and we will never do it. If the boss wasn’t here, non of game will exist on this website. From MNB2 to MNB3, with at least 10 game he design for every member and player for more then 10 years.

      So, still, hang tight there, we will do the job as soon as possible. >o<

      (Hope this will not frustrate you as it is still a official reply, but damn! I can't do more, because it is true. XD )

      • I’m not trying to rush the development or anything and I understand how long it can take to code and fix bugs I got, a lot of respect for the development team because of how much time you guys put in this game and I do thank you guys for making this game bug free so that we would have no complaints and we can say “thanks, its perfect” no pressure boys, once again much respect!

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