• mjr23002 posted an update 2 years, 11 months ago

    What mission would you say is the best time to find enemy assets in the AO in recon?

    • Dead Drop!

      Camp Site 2~4
      Defensive Position 2~4
      Weapon Cache 1~2
      Radio Station 1 (very high possibility )
      Rice Bag 1 (Much more common )
      And some other asset.

      • Dead Drop is good for the sheer amount of assets, but the danger factor is supremely high.
        If someone is not well-trained in stealth or does not have a good enough team to face the heat in Dead Drop, they should try POW cages. It’s a relatively low danger mission that is swarming with food caches, weapon caches, junk piles, and other random assets. They are typically lightly guarded, but it depends on your heat level.

        • Yeah, it is. But Dead Drop is the best place to dig the radio station, collect with lots of Intel and blow it up! >o<

          POW is another good idea, but with less rare asset, could take much more day to find what you want.

      • Dead drop is a bitch. Wasted 4 squads on one of the missions, but by god, the amount of assets

    • Thanks guys I was having trouble finding assets since the enemy ended up becoming god like when i got to my 3rd tour

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