• Minhprofc123 posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    Can we update the game (mud and blood 3) can take weapon in
    the corpse?

    • you mean: from the corpses…
      yeah, that would be a most logical step towards RL, unfortunately,
      that would mean that ammo would have to be simulated, since you can
      use enemy weaponry until you exhaust all its munitions on hand.

      • we can take ammo from the corpses or infinite ammo?

        • No ammunition limit is one of the main principles of MnB3 that was announced at the very begining of the project.
          That being said tho, it’s not because we just don’t look at the ammunition problem, but assume that soldiers carry enough bullets for whatever weapon they are using right now.
          They don’t however, have ammunition for anything else, including enemy guns.
          That’s why picking up enemy weapon is quite unlikely and will probably never make it into the game.

    • You can’t do that and I doubt that will be even possible. You can however obtain an enemy weapon from a weapon’s crate.

      • what really peeves me though is that you cant keep the weapon…

        i also think it would be better to allow some customization of your troops before you deploy (you can do this without changing the new squad every deployment rule) because it allows you to give them equipment and it would be better if they could choose their class before stepping foot on the battlefield (because you dont just presto become a medic just because you killed 10 guys) this will also allow the player more freedom maybe an option to send out vehicles too

        also i thing boosting the XP limit to 200 and making a skill tree where you can give your troops whatever skills for leveling up without it being linear and bringing back random unit stats

        lastly even though your supposed to be on the attack the map feels to restricting like there is no real flanking ability i think it would be a good idea to maybe double the map width or maybe even triple it and add a side to side scrolling option

        thaughts guys?

        • First of all, such discussions belong on the forum.
          Second of all: you always start with a fresh squad, so you always can have all the customization you can get.
          Third: Vechicles are currently supposed to be support options, but not a directly controllable units.
          For the rest of the anwsers, please, use the forum for that.
          MnB3 -> Suggestions

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