• Mexican Batman posted an update 9 months ago
    I have always noticed there are 2 types of VC’S that wear Blue , one in darker blue with mag pouches and another in light blue that seems to carry a gourd or a powder horn.
    Can anyone explain the difference between them if any ?

    • The dark blue guys could very well be the Dac Cong. Have very rarely encountered them, if at all.

      • They are usually only in trenches ( unless you have high heat or the mission says they’re there ) . I actually encounter them a lot XD Funny thing is in my last 5 profiles I have not seen Counter LRRP’S

        • Dark blue? I meant light blue. The dark blue ones are the local force you will see in trenches all the time.

          Sorry, my bad.

    • I am not sure, but it is possible one is a regional force, another one is the main force. To make sure the element this require @Urbzz to explain if they really are. As the old data in the forum already lose.

      Just a guess.

    • The dark blue almost black uniformed guys are VC mainforce where as the lighter blue guys like the dead guy all the way on the left are regional force VC. Skyblue guys are, like the one in the most recent picture shown in the screenshots topic, are likely Dac Cong (sappers).

      • Thx guys , that was really helpful. I was wanting to get a picture of both types of Blue VC’s in the same mission . I am very sure this will be very helpful to new players .

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