• Maximillian posted an update 2 years, 4 months ago

    I just decided to trade in 100 intel for a kill card (Too low of a rank to warrant the extra 1000xp) I just got the G3, really excited because I love battle rifles and I almost always use the M14 with at least one of my Rangers.

    • G3 is very good weapon choice for combat specialty Ranger. Excellent killer!

    • Well, Now I have the Mosin Nagant. (By the way, I own two of these things, there’s no way they should have the same bulk as the Stone LMG.)

      • Bulk represent many things. Weight as we all assume. But also how convenient it is to manipulate with discretion in a jungle setting, how fast it is to bring to the shoulder. How streamlined its operation is.

        • Depending on which variant of the Mosin Nagant you’ve decided to put into your game, I can see why it has such a high bulk rating, The 91/30 is quite the rifle, but the M38 and M44 are carbine length variants of the platform, it would essentially be the difference between an M4 and an M16, a noticeable difference in weight, but not entirely in accuracy.

          Nevertheless, it’s your game, it’s your rules. May the glory of RNG and URB live on!

          • Thanks for the info! It’s always good to know about variants for future ideas!

            • I can see the Stoner being heavier but more maneuverable since it’s a very compact weapon.

              In that case though shouldn’t the M14 have a lot of bulk too? It’s a very unwieldy weapon in the jungle.

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