• Perhaps if you sustain a serious injury to a hand, you cannot use a weapon with that hand or take a malus to certain stats depending on what part of the arm is injured? Like attack speed/damage with melee weapons or rof with rifles?

  • I suppose a sense of mutual burden may negate the feelings of animosity, as it did in real life, in this card game. As many great opinions as you have Lance, i’m afraid i’m going to have to disagree with you on this one.

  • I come back to the good ol’ forums and this is what I see. I love it. I’m putting you on the spot by saying this, but just some clarification on intricacies you may or may not have planned out. What would skill be in increments of (e.g. 1-100)? Also, is some sort of sideline event system going to be in place for being at camp? For example, events…[Read more]

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    1 day off of a gold star, when my troops got dominated by undetectable mines… Still a good run though. +11 days however is going to be a pain.

  • I’ve never really been able to get into STWALT but websites like Kong in this day and age are virtually dead compared to the past. I remember I used to be on there so often I questioned whether I discovered Mud and Blood 2 before I played it on kong or after, but this is not that time. (Before, thankfully)

  • As far as I can recognize, some of them come from Company of Heroes 1. But I like to pretend like Urb handmade the dialogue and went through the effort of getting voice actors. Not gonna lie though there was some clever implementation so make sure to keep this on the down low so no one gets in trouble :P.

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    I sometimes play MnB games in unholy ways. I don’t want to type a text wall since I don’t have too much of a break, but it would make any MnB veteran cringe. Especially in my execution. (Note that it is not unholy in that it is gamey – it is far worse sins.)

  • Even though it is a small tip, I often slightly move troops that are locked on to dead corpses. this allows them to reset their aim on more dangerous enemies. (Mg gunners are less of a problem with this with the suppression targeting)

  • I was originally going to hold off on commenting on this thread, but I want to test the waters a little bit. I am leaning a bit toward greener pastures here, so take this suggestion a bit less seriously. Urb may likely have had a change of heart since then (which I am perfectly fine with) but the idea was thrown around of both sides (germans and…[Read more]

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    Many sources seem to put the year 1650 as just before (~20 years?) mainstream gun trade in the area where Last Winter takes place. However, sources do pin Indian Trade Guns as early as the 1630s. Looking into the Beaver Wars and such under some light reading seems to pin muskets/arquebuses as the only mainstream long barreled guns at the time…[Read more]

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    Had an elite squad with so many advances I lost count today (maybe I need to go back to kindergarten). Lost 2 men to 2 mines on the last map and nearly made it to the end to stop the advance but couldn’t make it. Quite frustrating too, because my medic died to the first one after standing at least a full minute right in front of it. A score of…[Read more]

  • Enemy vehicle with mg mounted on top (assuming sdfkz), when destroyed shoots singular bullet bursts and is not visibly damaged. When I clicked the exclamation point to clear particles, vehicle is cleared.

  • Just got back into MnB 3 after my old pc broke with all my data on it (after I finally got back to MnB on that computer aftera couple months…). Noticed two minor bugs.
    1. If you have quick enough reactions, when you give a recently (the man happened to die <1 sec before I clicked it) killed man a medal, he revives to full health and is frozen in…[Read more]

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    The latter would happen to be correct.

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    Just finished a MnB3 game, good to be back reading the forums after a couple months of work after the Recon days. Been a big fan of URB games since late 2011 and decided it was about time to make an account. In my last game, although 5 of my 6 troops got URBED within my first trench, my last troop survived and won the map, 23 kills, 60 combat xp,…[Read more]

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