• maousaki posted an update 2 years, 3 months ago

    How does enemy arty work in MnB3. 90% of the time i loose because of arty. Ok i hear the warning but there is no time to react. Are enemy flares a warning that enemy will call arty?

    • enemy flares are a warning that arty is coming.

    • If the flare landed on one side of the screen, move them to the other. If it landed in the middle of the screen, go upwards/downwards. Also, rocks and pillboxes help a bit against explosions.

      • Bunkers are 100% arty proof. Only TNT and a Bomb Drop can bust them.
        Sadly they are not around when needed.
        TIP: Moving in a horizontal line is good for engagements but bad vs arty calls so try and keep slow movers a bit back and spread out the rest of your men.

    • Well i didn’t know flares meant artyllery. I thought they were for spotting or something. Thanks guys i just dodged my first arty without casualties.

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