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    Looking at the forest bed, that looks quite a bit like a jungle, so mr. Cowboy here looks veeeery out of place.

    The vertical-ness of the huts really does look neat. Kind of if the kid inside us could build the treehouses of our dreams.

  • LW has always been the forgotten child. Easily one of the most ambitious in terms of scale, which is probably why it’s hit so many snags. Most other urb games have a set goal some sort of “progress” in game. LW is a sandbox and suffers from all the baggage that comes with that genre (not necessarily a bad thing.)

    *looking back over the…[Read more]

  • Appreciate the feedback Bersimon! 😀

    I figured I would try all types of meet, not just raw to be extra sure that the ritual worked. Unfortunately, all of the items in the house were bugged, for at no point was I able claim any of them.

    The cloud cover does sound like something that would factor into arcane rituals, and stone circles definitely…[Read more]

  • Trying to get back into the community and figured the best way was with a video. LW is still my all-time favorite Urb game, and there’s still tons of mythos surrounding it, with no greater myth than that of the wendigo. Here’s a video of my attempt at summoning the great beast

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    So I just came across the Official “Catalogue of the Museum of Artillery in the Rotunda, Woolwich“and while quite extensive, a quick word-search for thinks like “Flint-lock” or “musket” will get some interesting results. “European match-locks and Wheel-lock Arms” start on pg. 49. “Flint and Percussion-locked Smooth-Bored Muzzle-Loading Arms” start…[Read more]

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    @ Lance You had me at “Wall” and “Gun.” But no, we should definitely have the big one in there, just for kicks. These actually remind me of the swivel guns mounted on the railings of ships. In fact I believe I’ve seen a variation of a wall guns mounted on ships in tandem with swivel guns.

    Now I was actually led to believe that the French were…[Read more]

  • Maharbal Barca replied to the topic Weapons Discussion in the forum Last Winter 1 year ago

    Actually, when I first saw your suggestion, my mind immediately went to the Ferguson Rifle, but alas it is later than our time period, as are most rifles (but with the the time period for LW 2.0 being the 1690s, perhaps we could sneak in some Long Rifles?)

    You brought up the very fashionable double barrel wheel-lock pistol, and while side-by-side…[Read more]

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    This is what I plan my “Gold Run” squad to be, whom I intend to take all the way from the beaches of Omaha 12 screens into Bocage territory. The idea here is survivability;I need these guys to take me all the way to gold.

    1 Scout – I need to see the enemy before they see me. I can’t be taken off guard and I need to be able to meet the enemy on my…[Read more]

  • There should be a way to look at all the ribbons and their effects in-game.

    A possible option would be to have all ribbons visible on the ribbon screen (except some super-secret special ones), however they will be grayed out until you earn them. Mousing over a ribbon will tell you how to earn it, your progress to earning it, and its rewards.

    As…[Read more]

  • Our little LEGO Coureur, that fish sure is bony…
    The runner of the woods.

  • Thought I’d lead off with a weapon synonymous with my oft preferred archetype: the cutlass, a distant relative of the basket-hilt swords. I’ll start with the basics and go from there:

    Blade Length: 24-28 inches (635-711 mm.)
    Weight: 2-2.5 pounds (907-1134 gm.)

    The best source I could come up with was on the fly was British Naval Swords and…[Read more]

  • Current Desktop and FB wallpapers, as well as some others

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  • That is indeed a nice map, especially showing the zones of conflict (areas that could be heavily populated by outposts and soldiers, less civilians roaming around? Folks less likely to be willing to talk to you, more likely to shoot you on sight, and if they *do* let you speak, they will often be very unhappy).

    But to my eyes, it looks like it…[Read more]

  • I agree with Tyrud, that the extent of smithing that the player will be able to do is based entirely upon how Urb wants the game to play; if a sandbox then yes, open smithing to all types of craft-able items from bullets to swords and axes, or if he intends to keep the game centered around hunting, in which case yes limit it to knives and small…[Read more]

  • On Lance’s suggestion, and some details on Discord by Urbzz, here is a topic to talk about the weapons that will and may be coming to Last Winter 2.0 and how they may work. (note, the discussion is for items that are strictly weapons, not for tools such as knives that could have a secondary use as weapons

    For starters, Urbzz said this in Discord…[Read more]

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    Wasn’t it you lance that also mentioned the Native American Travois? Could be an alternative to the toboggan, and could have varying sizes for dog or horse. The toboggan could be just a small pack and be better suited for winter? Whereas the travois could carry much more goods. Next would be wagons with horses?

    And I talked with Urbzz regarding…[Read more]

  • If you haven’t checked out the YouTube channel History Buffs and you are a fan of Historic movies and cinema, then you absolutely need to.

    If you are a MnB fan, then you need to go check out the channel’s Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan episodes, the latter of which references the Ost-Batallione I spoke about in The Lone Ranger’s update.

  • Maharbal Barca posted a new activity comment 1 year, 1 month ago

    And while this clearly isn’t the Western front, we also need to consider the Ost-Batallione, a subdivision of the Ost-Legionen, which were a colection of Eastern conscripts, volunteers and prisoners-of-war, consisting mainly of Balkan peoples, but was also famous for the occasional Far-eastern members such as Koreans and Indians. In some case,…[Read more]

  • Maharbal Barca replied to the topic The Campsite in the forum Last Winter 1 year, 1 month ago

    So I was writing about possibly having more large structures to build other than just the cabin, and though why not apply the same concept of the campsite to the Cottage? Have one large cleared and set area where different structures could be built: the cabin, a forge, a warehouse/shed? Maybe even a well for water?….an outhouse (improves morale?)

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