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    SOG-Modified RPD Machine Gun:

    The RPD machine gun is normally associated with the of the early Soviet military and various third-world arsenals. Nevertheless, the weapons got some unconventional modifications from an unconventional American unit.
    During the Vietnam War, Military Assistance Command, Vietnam established a “black” special ope…
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  • Hello Everyone,

    I used to play Recon fairly frequently but haven’t touched it over the past 6 months or so. I open it about half an hour ago and start a deep recon mission only to have my squad immediately eviscerated but what I believe was the ZSU on the LZ. Back when I last played the ZSU never showed up so this is a bit of a new issue. I’m at…[Read more]

  • heres a nice photo from my hunter killer mission,

    the mission was kill 18, i been patrolling for half an hour and slowly giving up hope after killing 8,

    then on way back to centre of the map to rethink my next route, i come across 2 guys, took them down, then took fire from this section…[Read more]

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    Lance has been promoted to Group admin of the ester group, expect active members to be added to the closed alpha and some inactive tester to go back to the pleb.

    Lt. Dan has been promoted to author and will generate some content for the Recon community.

    Congrats to all the new promotions.

  • Having unlocked/used every Recon weapon at this point, I thought it would be great to have a guide for every gun in case you need a little extraneous data that you can’t find in the wiki. If you need the stats of the gun just click on the name for the link.

    Note: The guns are ranked in their order of effectiveness, with every factor taken into…[Read more]

  • Jackpot!

    Hit the jackpot on this H/K mission! I managed to destroy a BTR-60, a ZSU-23, and 3 VC bikes! So here’s how it went.

    My boys touch down and I immediately here the menacing rumble of a ZSU-23. No worries. I was expecting it because I have over 100% Intel. I immediately had my Rangers dash for cover behind a nearby cluster of trees. The ZSU-23…[Read more]