• Lt.Dan posted an update 6 months ago

    Mud and Blood 3 brings me back to the days when I played a flash game called Warfare 1944…. Maybe MnB3 was inspired by it, I don’t know. But it has a lot of the same concepts and in-game orders.

    • Wafare 1944 and Warfare 1917 were great ass games.They were the first flash games i ever played back on AOL Dialup man,That was years ago.Ol armor games and Kongregate were the best and then i discovered newgrounds.Good times

    • Yeah, these are good games.
      One thing I’ve noticed is that Warfare 1944 takes some things directly from Company of Heroes game, notably green and yellow cover and critical tank damage, which are implemented in exactly the same way.

    • Of course, MnB3 is much harder.

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