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  • Hi. I have been on a couple of years hiatus, but some oldies from the former site know me well.
    Started playing MNB3 some months ago.

    The ways I have been dealing with these panzers were:
    1. Shot P-IV. with a bazooka a couple of times. That was the former patch, IDK maybe is harder now.
    2. Hit some bushes with MG-s mortar in the direct vicinity…[Read more]

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    you mean: from the corpses…
    yeah, that would be a most logical step towards RL, unfortunately,
    that would mean that ammo would have to be simulated, since you can
    use enemy weaponry until you exhaust all its munitions on hand.

    • we can take ammo from the corpses or infinite ammo?

      • No ammunition limit is one of the main principles of MnB3 that was announced at the very begining of the project.
        That being said tho, it’s not because we just don’t look at the ammunition problem, but assume that soldiers carry enough bullets for whatever weapon they are using right now.
        They don’t however, have ammunition for anything else,…[Read more]

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