• Shane posted an update 1 year, 11 months ago

    Have not been playing mud and blood 3 until lately, and I just got to st. lo and experienced heavy mortar presences in like 2 games in a row was hell. but made it threw 1 Still going, Very fun game Urb. It really feels just as unfair as war seeing my men get gibbed while in a melee with german troops lol.

    • I still can’t seem to get past Hedgerows, but thats usually because I kinda give up after my upgraded squad dies.

      • Hedge rows were the nastiest thing i have ever experienced in an urb game tbh lol. St. lo is a little easier imo because you get a lot of cover to move up with unlike hedgerows. I suggest just trying to get a good squad on hedgerows and just ride them as many maps as possible because getting xp there is brutal.

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