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    Already did this before but as known, no two games are alike so….



    Nice idea for a topic @afrenchie
    I will pick on just one section of somewhat more insider information for now.
    Natural objects Protection Tips:
    Trees give Line-of-Sight protection for units placed behind them.
    Easy recognized if you are out of LoS is that not only do you not get shot at but your unit will also not shoot through the LoS object.
    Rocks (boulders) give LoS protection and can give fragmentation protection for units on top of them. “Can” = it’s an unknown random % chance to not take fragmentation damage.
    Note that nothing saves you from an explosive direct hit unless you are a soldier inside a Bunker or a Pillbox.

    Those 2 natural things are the ones that give any form of protection.
    For new players it may seam that fallen logs or sandpits should give protection but they do not.



    A hero indeed. @fieldsoffire
    That was a very nice to read journey.
    Horses, of for that matter, all “inventory” creatures that Flee when you get hit should still be around in your vicinity as if you where to have lost your weapon in combat.



    Left handed, right handed… So will our character be naturally right handed and when not having that hand available get a negative modifier to rolls?
    Half negative modifier by 2 handed actions?




    Guess folks are to “convenient” again to come here but alas I am not so therefore on with the show.
    missions you would receive are Black Ops
    awwee We operate behind enemy lines in places that we are not suppose to even be at so this suggestion kind of contradicts itself.
    Furthermore. Your new mission suggestions are mostly already in game if passively and your descriptions imply to emphasis on cruelty more then war brutality.
    Big difference there!



    Towards profile ranking up.
    I feel that the player ranks up to fast here. Sure going from 2nd LT to 1st LT should be relative fast considering how it was back then but after that it should drastically slow down.
    Especially once you are a Major it should take considerable longer to make more rank then right now where you can easily be a Lt.Colonel around St.Lo only some 20+ days (from 300) into the game.
    Maybe it be better to rank up according to how many days the game is in and based on certain achievements.
    This could be a bit random too.
    EX: On Day 5+ the game checks to see how many enemies you have killed. Divides that by 100 to get a % chance to make rank. +5% per day ahead you are and -5% per day behind. + 2% per medal that you have. minus 1% per soldier that has died on your current rank.
    Each additional day over 5 on schedule will give you + 5% on each starting game/ making rank check.
    So on day 25on time you will automatically make 1st LT regardless of any other factors but I would assess that by day 10 rank should be made.
    For every additional rank the requirements should be somewhat doubled over the previous rank.
    I have not made the calculations on this but for the player the game should end with day 300 having anything from 1 star general rank to 5 star general rank.



    So this is self made art because you used a filter on those pictures?
    I like the F4 pic. Nice pic. 😉
    However, please post only self made pictures, arts of all kinds here.



    Your explanation on how a human body reacts to raw meats is very informative.
    A good basis for coding in effects of eating raw meat in Last Winter.
    For a full overview of what those folks in the vid all got, here the direct link to their channel. This is basically a treasure chest of Real life Last Winter information folks.



    This channel is a must see for our coureur de bois.

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    Found this and it screams Mud and Blood Flagshipped. 🙂
    This is “Space Vietnam tank robots” as quoted from the developer.



    Commando has TNT to clear just about anything in game in combo with Camouflage it is ultra effective.
    In older suggestions most thought that a Flamethrower could be a Skill in the tree for the Engineer.
    Mortar could also go to the Engineer.
    Note: We wanted to give the player a bigger range of Skill choices = a bigger Skills Tree so that there be actual tactical choice making since then not all skills will be unlockable for one unit.

    Thank you for bringing up the Flamethrower thing again.
    Shows the developer that there is interest to implement it in some way.



    Welcome back to the Trenches Bunker.
    Swell feat for the 3rd game. Keep up the good work.
    btw. I fixed your image display.



    Welcome to the Forums!
    Raising the dead now are we trying to, he he.
    I like your way of thinking but alas that would be going a bit to far even for an semi arcade style game.
    During Halloween maybe. . . .
    Given that the current Medic Skill, Syringe, is not very interesting as is.
    Some form of Power-Up function would be a lot better I think.
    How about; Instant 200 HP but after that the soldier can not receive any for of healing anymore.



    Hurrah!!! The Community Challenges are back in the game!
    Here a cut out of some 15 minutes of an one hour game attempt at this.

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