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    Playing has me thinking that I kind of wish characters might start with ‘class’ specific items like one might in LW as starting out empty handed feels… not smart? Anyway, I digress.

    That was quickly dismissed in order to make the game “simpler” and more random.
    As compensation the starting stats are modified to display the characters strength end weaknesses.
    Has it’s perks. Players can not sell or lose items this way.
    Could use some re-balancing perhaps. Some characters are way underpowered or better their class is not represented well enough.
    The game favors fighting classes making for pure luck runs with others.

    So here goes your very unlucky Ranger. Man and you surly only needed a few days more before the poison got ya . . ..
    – Day 14, You sold your Crossbow for 75 gold pieces.
    ?? Did you have another Bow or why sell it?
    You know that you can shoot arrows or cast spells before the fight goes into melee.

    – Day 14, You have acquired the following item: Antidote (Not falling for that one again)
    falling again? How so?

    Hobbit nexttttt
    – Day 2, You sold your Iron ingot for 25 gold pieces.
    again?? This can easily be turned into a +5 Sword at the Workshop.

    That Hobbit did fairly well. GG
    . . .read at the end that you where disappointed with the crossbow.
    How so? using a missile weapon 1st is always good since it’s a free shot at anything.
    the LOG does not record everything so I could have missed you using it.

    Very nice of you to have put annotations in there. Good read friend.
    URB ON!


    For those that like to post STWALT Log-Books here.
    This site reverses text so that the LOg-Book, once posted here, will go chronologically instead of from the end to the start.
    This greatly improves the readers enjoyment of your tale.


    Latest LUA Test Game by urb




    1 mission and he was promoted to Major. Congratulations; your peers hate you. lol


    lot’s of awesome art in the Discord channel so this is but a pic of mine form today


    Good old regs are around these parts (Discord) more and more so.
    Hear what this great chap posted there.

    @Lance Bummer. Sad to hear that Mo isn’t around any more. He was always the life of the party.

    MmB3 is good! It feels more…polished, rounded perhaps than MnB3. I’m not just talking features but QOL and responsiveness. It’s straight up buttery, even in the big fights. It’s exactly what I expected. It’s an impressive addition to the MnB games, and it’s everything a younger me wanted. Now I’ve just got to find more time to play it!






    A bit more progress to report on

    When you take a province it becomes a vassal and you have to appoint one of your courtier to it.
    He will then run the province for you. Pay taxes to you and adopt your emblem.
    You can then assign more lords within that province or yours with the title system
    Assigning lords to a province that is ruled by one of your courtier (in this case a vassal) will annoy the vassal slightly but will keep him in check in case of troubled times.
    Usually troubled times means when the suzerain (you) dies.
    All the vassal states will have to pass a loyalty check modified by the competency of your heir in order to see if they don’t declare independence.


    Plus the king did end up getting two sons during the run so it was all for naught XD
    ?? In the King Maker Quest the event “the king has a son” should not happen or it should be that it says “he has a daughter” instead cause urb fixed that later on.
    – Day 66, The king has a new son!!
    hmm I see. Is this the Kong version or some other?

    – Day 26, You sold your Walking Cane for 25 gold pieces.
    I usually keep the Walking-Cane since it halves all events that take time if you chose to to bypass them.

    – Day 26, You rolled a 16 (9+7), which beats the attack score (16) of the Owl Bear. The creature is defeated!! You gain 2 experience points!!
    First serious fight. Till here you got very,very lucky.

    – Day 34, Your flee score of 11(11+0) was over 10. You managed to escape the Vampire!!
    That was one thirsty and mostly persistent (you got away on the 4th try) Vampire.
    This xp drain caused you to fail eeee

    – Day 52, Your flee score of 15(15+0) was over 10. You managed to escape the Giant Spider!!
    This I do not get. Would fighting it not have been better/ easier?

    These ATT values are strange since one would assume that you always equip the best possible.
    Day 74, You rolled a 29 (18+11), which beats the attack score (15) of the Ogre.
    – Day 78, You rolled a 22 (16+6), which beats the attack score (15) of the Gargantua Snake.

    Even Cursed with a -3 them +6 are low.

    – Day 84, You rolled a critical (20), slicing that Lich in half. The creature is defeated!! You gain 3 experience points!!
    That was a tough fight. Lich is definitely a very dangerous enemy especially if it hit’s you first.

    Great run nonetheless. Was fun for sure.


    And here the anti-super Rifle skill soldier with the moral of the fearless ones.
    Such a low starting Rifle skill is just as rare.


    99% Heat !!!


    Hit there. 🙂
    The basic game play will stay the same with you inserting with 4 Rangers to do a certain mission but just about everything else gets reworked.
    Alone that almost every different terrain feature affects your men now is a huge difference.
    The targeting takes 2 steps now by checking for LoS to aim at and then again when actually firing allowing you to dodge through the jungle without the enemy getting a clean shot at you for instance. This of course works both ways.
    There will be plenty of new items to use as well.
    At the Base you get more management options but no fighting. Not our job.
    Thanks for suggesting a financial resort there.
    I am sure it’s not money that that takes urb so long to bring out games.
    It’s time since he specifically wants to do all the coding himself.
    However he hired an artist to do most of the visuals for Recondo (this will be the new name of the game) and that frees him greatly to focus on everything else.

    Currently urb is taking a break again from coding Recondo and is jumping in and out of his other creations since soon none will work due to the Flash Extinction so he is aiming to recode them by then.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 1,291 total)