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    @lance I’ll post this in the forums next time. But yes, thank you both for your advice. I’ll try out these methods, and see how they work. ~Cheers

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    “Appreciate the chow friend, and that”s one hell of a drink. Keep em comin’!”

    thanks @kacpo but the job change wasnt exactly a step up or even planned but im making the best of it. im not on kongregate as much as i used to be but i might check it out, is it multiplayer?

    @lance ive been on discord but it just doesnt seem as fun as posting here.…[Read more]

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    “Most impressive…”

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    @lance I understand you’re one of the Main developers of the game. How many people are working on MNB3 and Starship besides you and URB? And what do you guys use to make it? (I’m guess it’s flash, but im maybe wrong.)

    • No, no. I am no game developer in that sense at all.
      I am mainly the current Community Manager. A do game testings, suggestion curating and generally help out as much as I can to ensure a healthy open community environment.
      Currently all urbzz games are still running on Flash but for the future that will change to another platform since Flash…[Read more]

      • I see. Recon dosen’t seem to agree with my computer and runs fairly badly. It would be cool if URB made a port to another engine, allowing download of the game for offline play. Maybe that would fix alot of the issues, and possibly allow for more development and content to be added. Flash can only handle so much, atleast from what i’ve seen. These…[Read more]

  • @lance
    Forrest Gump, which you have probably watched.
    And Now for Something Completely Different, which you have probably watched as well.

    I’m not that good with movies.

    1066 is a cool game.

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    @Lance, I didn’t realize you had started a topic specifically about cooking, so I reposted there, and Reid has put up a stellar suggestion as well regarding soups.

    And i’m glad you brought up the beer, alcohol brewing seriously needs to be in a coureur’s arsenal!

  • @TANkyMEow

    I agree about me far too aggressive. Should’ve held those guys injured guys back more. I think I was just in a bloodlust mood there … for their men and mine. It seems when the game last longer they send in reinforcements after reinforcements and it becomes more like MNB2 where I am not progressing as much.


    I will try to be…[Read more]

  • @Lance I liked the movie. Forget how it ends, but was pretty good. I think it is getting some bad reviews, but I liked it. It doesn’t focus too much on fantasy by the way, sure looking at them you can tell, but how they act and such is very human.

  • Tyrud replied to the topic Sleeping Bear Tavern in the forum General Forum 3 months ago

    So I was scrolling through the news today, and noticed that the heavy metal band Slayer announced a farewell tour, though no dates have been established yet. I’m not to into metal, but I at least know that Slayer’s had a pretty massive impact on that scene and that seeing them go is no small news. Makes me hope I’ll be able to see some of my own…[Read more]

  • Hey all apologies for the low quality of the video … got a better recorder from some community suggestions. Thanks @Arise and @Lance

    Anyways who … this video is showing how effective trapping can be. I made a point to hardly do anything else but show the traps. Sorry there is no audio … seems that was another mistake as well.

    Traps…[Read more]

  • @Lance

    Unfortunately I could not get to the LZ. I was down two rangers and tried hermiting just outside the chaos. Once I saw the chopper en route, I smoked the LZ and tried rushing my two remaining guys. Unfortunately the VC were just posted up too well and couldn’t make it. I wish I could have seen the kill count, it went on all night. But I’m…[Read more]

  • I shot an M72 because I thought I could destroy it with the M72. I actually sat there and thought should I try. Like I said, long hiatus from playing kinda made me go, “what am I doing?”

    And, I hardly get things from the Kill Card, it sucks but, eh. Can’t complain. Came out alive.

    Thanks :). @Arise


    Yea, that was one hell of a mission…[Read more]

  • The Pig posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    @lance I’m gettin something wrong with breach. It’s not the bypass, it’s extracting. Am I supposed to extract on the other side of the map or extract at LZ without being noticed.

  • The Pig posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    @lance You got any tips on breach in Recon. I’m always afraid to do the mission when it comes up, but I have to do it right now.

    • Use flak jacket and Ho chi Minh sandals

      Armored Stealthy bois

    • If you want to survive: get combat team with good radioman.
      If you want to win that mission, use the stealthiest boys you have, give them the lighest guns you have, take your time and pray not to get spotted.

    • Here’s how I do breach missions. Get heat to 0 (I’m not sure what the cutoff is, maybe 5-10 will do), and go to the very right of the map. Sneak across the defense line there, as there are no defenses there at low heat.

      • Low heat. Right side of AO. In line positioning with max SPOT first. Items= Smoke. Low Bulk. Sandals if possible.
        As in my vid. Night insertion is great.
        If you feel lucky like I did hit the Overt Skull to run faster.
        Beware that afterwards your Rangers will have very high Fatigue if you run a lot.
        Have fun!

  • “As long as it is your own creation anything goes.” ‘Aight @Lance, I will now share with thy MnB Community selections of my WWII Aircraft Skins. If I can remember how ta do it…P-51H with a basic custom camo flying over the pacific. (Warthunder).P-39 Airacobra with a RNAF (Royal Norwegian Air Force) Camoflauge that I made flying somewhere in Britain (Warthunder).

    the “The_Flying_Stig” text is also my gamertag in Warthunder in case you’re confused. I guess these aren’t very creative, but I’m proud of ’em, so close enough 🙂

  • First of all, thanks for appreciation everybody. Cool that you like it.

    @tankymeow Well, it was not exactly a game in the most popular meaning. There was no mechanics, no objective, no players etc. It was just that I was writing a story and put some folks from forums as characters, based some names on things from here and asked some others for…[Read more]

  • @Lance Since the spell was an invisibility spell I didn’t bother using it. Although I rolled another rogue and started off with 2 charm spells, but I didn’t try to cast those either.

    It’s funny now urb basically made the magic side of this game unreachable unless you’ve unlocked everything. (Lich skull, tome of magic, wizard robe.) I have been…[Read more]

  • @Lance lol I don’t know, maybe he is too nervous and forgot to take his knife out of his scabbard. XDDDDDD

    Yeah, the video should be cut to few part, shouldn’t be too large.

    ( Don’t forgot to bring up the Caramida9’s video >o< )

  • Nope @Lance, Urb open it for sure. lol

    If you understand the stuff correctly the site connection limit is been removed since the version 1.5, and @Urbzz does say it can be download now.

    I also know it is basically because the Spitz request, he make a thread to talk about the Internet issue, so might be one of reasons Urb unlock it. However, I…[Read more]

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    🙁 Your name seems familiar somehow…. “Old Forum“? There have been a couple/few of them I think, not even sure if the group I joined was the first. But I Do remember the name on the person’s email address that first responded to me. ..always wondered who he was…
    Oh! And there was this weird guy, @lance may recall him, he went by the…[Read more]

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