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  • Lance started the topic Mud-And-Blood (LUA) Change Log in the forum Side Projects Discussions 4 weeks ago

    It’s official that MnB2 and MnB3 will be merged into a single game and most likely get hosted on Steam.
    Some things are getting set so far.


    Regarding the vector graphics, I think ..I get the feel that as a collective we want the urb feel of the former vector graphics.
    I would import the graphics from the mnb3 and mnb2 that I wish to use and plant them in the new MNB.
    It will look vector but will never be true vector since LUA does handle bitmap.

    might do mnb in

    If anyone has more information then please post it in this topic thread.

    • Wait so you’re saying that MnD might go on steam???

      • Not “might”, will.
        The page is already created but not public so far.
        Over the last months the game basics got discussed.
        This merger of games (2+3)will simply be called “Mud-and-Blood”.
        Screen will be a lot bigger, will use mostly newest MnB3 sprites in Vector-Graphics, will make considerable balance changes, ect . . .