• Lance posted an update 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Welcome new recruits.

    • i like how the guns don’t even have iron sights so you cant even aim

      • They barely even aim during the entire movie anyways…

        • Future Tech; The gun projects a laser sight via future wi-fi waves strait out of the gunners eyes.
          Realistically (movie wise) speaking; The targets are huge, do not dodge or hide from fire, bzw come strait at you and usually engaged at short range so any trained soldier should hit it with an automatic weapon without much aim.

          • They do improve their weapons over time. In the 3rd one they actually have sights on their guns.

            • At the end of the first one they actually had nuke ammo that could blow away a hill top so . . .

          • The flying ones are pretty agile though, the only effective weapons in the movie that were capable of taking them down were the stationary HMGs.

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