• Lance posted a new activity comment 1 week, 3 days ago

    ?? All you men START with 30 combat skill so that seams like a rather misleading advice.
    However you are right about the non-aggressive approach.
    You men start with a weapon that has a very good long distance range. Use that.
    If the enemy is really to strong then you are most likely to far ahead for your capabilities.
    To drop down the…[Read more]

  • Lance posted a new activity comment 1 week, 3 days ago

    That games looks very interesting and complicated. Surely will take hours to play.
    I love board games, especially war types, but have nobody around to play them with. Online or even per mail is not my thing since that takes to long unless the game has been digitized.
    The sentence under the Game name sound awfully familiar. 😉

    • I have your problem too. It’s annoying, but when you finally find someone it is amazing.

      • Well, that makes three of us.

        • Good VASSAL modules make playing digital boardgames easy and fun to play. I’ve been playing a solo Fire in the Lake game for like, 3-4 hours and I’m having a blast. Helps when the people who make the board game module actually set it up great and add some helpful things.

  • As far as I know you can use any kill card on your desk at anytime before a mission or to have some special effect on your career like gaining Merit or so.
    After using the Kit Carson Scout Card he will be in the LZ every time you land at the beginning of a mission.
    He will start a mission ALWAYS in the LZ so beware of those missions that you do…[Read more]

  • Lance posted a new activity comment 1 week, 3 days ago

    Low heat. Right side of AO. In line positioning with max SPOT first. Items= Smoke. Low Bulk. Sandals if possible.
    As in my vid. Night insertion is great.
    If you feel lucky like I did hit the Overt Skull to run faster.
    Beware that afterwards your Rangers will have very high Fatigue if you run a lot.
    Have fun!

  • Lance posted a new activity comment 1 week, 4 days ago

    Tiger Tank already exists in MNB3 and is it tougher then anything urbzz has ever put into a game.

  • hohoho that’s not a bug. The dude was simply extremely pissed at your men.
    Game info: Any one enemy soldier can use any one Special Skill like Flare=(arty call) or Grenade up to 3 times.
    There is no cool down for them so they could come every second till all 3 are used up.
    Not good I know. A small cool down time would be nice there.
    I…[Read more]

  • Lance replied to the topic MnB Recon For Steam in the forum Suggestions 1 week, 4 days ago

    STEAM eeee…. Not to fond of how they “allow” games to get played from “their” site but if that is the way you must go then I will support you all the way.
    Hope you will somehow make it possible to play it directly from this site too.

    Tyrud already made a lot of good suggestions that I see urbzz has already (mostly) incorporated. Like this…[Read more]

  • As not to forget that this gem is here.
    Had a good run on a Planetary Assault Mission. Tough like mnb3 when many days ahead.
    This is the second mission on this profile so I am basically on basic here.

  • Lance replied to the topic AAR in the forum Recon Movies and Screenshots 1 week, 5 days ago

    Absolute excellent AAR.
    Your contributions are exceptional.
    I had a very good read for sure. Thanks for writing this.

  • Lance replied to the topic MNB3 Mysteries in the forum New Commanders Q&A 1 week, 5 days ago

    From the Discord by @Polarfuchs

    Where there explosives involved or did that truck actually drive sideways?

  • Rejoice fellow Urbanians. The new patch brings you new game-plays to watch.
    Since I could not detect any new bugs (nothing that was know before) I have none to report so far but in case someone does find anything please post it in the version 0.30 bug report.

    Towards my game here. I am still aiming for that Hedgerow Ribbon and therefore play…[Read more]

  • Lance posted a new activity comment 1 week, 6 days ago

    With the new Firefox Browser I am not keen enough to use ad-ons that delete cookies as to lose any save games so I am doing the “cleaning” manually right now.
    No big hassle as long as one does it after every session.

  • Lance posted a new activity comment 2 weeks ago

    All is fine on this side of the mad universe. :mrgreen:

  • Lance posted a new activity comment 2 weeks ago

    That is a very well written article. Would look good in the mnb wiki. 🙂
    simtropolis… reminds me that we had a city building sim of Urbanian Blood or something a long time ago.
    I lost the link to that.

  • Lance posted a new activity comment 2 weeks ago

    And hopefully all the other former implementations.
    They where great. 🙂
    Well almost since the Double LOS check bugged the Marksman eagle eye skill.

  • Lance posted a new activity comment 2 weeks ago

    aww happened to me all the time during first testings.
    Move slow. Space out a bit but not past the Buddy Distance.
    (it is how far apart one can be from another and still share stuff)
    Spotting Skill is KING in this game.
    Move slow and stop every 50 pix or so to scan the surroundings.
    If you must run then in a line with you most expendable…[Read more]

  • Good idea. But as mentioned above the % reward should be a lot higher.
    In mnb2 those low % rewards (5) are not measurable in game play.
    How about making it 2% per day ahead and -2% per day behind.
    These could cap at 15 or 20%.
    So one would need to be ahead by 10 days at least to get the full 20% chance for a chances of reinforcement…[Read more]

  • Mikey Tran and Profile picture of LanceLance are now friends 2 weeks ago

  • Now that is one hell of a STATS page. :0
    Let me read a bit into it.
    *With 41 soldiers deployed I think that you (ab)used a lot of meat-shields or had a good running larger squad or just simple bad luck and needed replacements often.
    *119 gibbs is great for a first game.
    *281 waves survived on the stats page leaves me to deduct from the wave…[Read more]

  • Congrats! That is the highest wave count on a new profile I ever did see.
    To really rub it in you should post the the STATS page as well. 😉
    Do we not have a topic thread just for beast-first-games?

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