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  • Lance posted an update 5 days, 12 hours ago

    @commisarcuphead and others too
    when posting pictures here for say imgur you can simply copy the DIRECT LINK into the post separately not part of a sentence.
    I also restored all your posts as far as I could.

  • Here a real classic to describe what this place is by Maharbal

  • Lance posted an update 5 days, 15 hours ago

    I restored a lot of as-spam-marked post today. These includes posts that got spam-marked after the last site update.

  • Lance posted an update 6 days, 18 hours ago

    Hello there. While trying to help someone else with posts here I noticed that you had a few recent posts that seamed to be blocked by the system.
    Can you see them now?
    If something is not working here please do tell me.

  • Greetings folks. Finally got time to do a voiced recording for ya all.
    Due to popular request I attempted to translate a few of the German lines here.
    I must excuse myself for doing this in a very tiresome state so please bear with the quality.
    Also I now that I should have use headphones. 😉
    Enjoy my rambling and the brutality at large.…[Read more]

  • Lance replied to the topic Heroes of STWALT in the forum STWALT 1 week, 1 day ago

    LWillter Today at 1:50 PM at our Discord
    Wizard becoming a king! Ending up being Half priest/half wizard. My telekinesis almost always failed ><

    – Day 0, Wizard – KM is starting his adventures.
    – Day 0, You have discovered the following emplacement: a workshop
    – Day 0, Spell minor failure: You have failed to cast this spell with a roll of 21…[Read more]

  • This is sooooo gooood !!!!!!!!
    You need to thank urb, the sole game developer, for this masterpiece.
    We further thank you for the fun you had. Games should make people happy and if you are happen then we all are.

    Your tactical play style is very commending. You have understood what is is to play small-squad-tactics.

    The inability to lvl up…[Read more]

  • Lance replied to the topic Heroes of STWALT in the forum STWALT 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    Copied this over for LWillter who posted it as a word-doc on Discord.
    I reversed the lines and will give some basic quest info.

    Quest is King-maker and the character is Cleric.

    – Day 0, Fizban is starting his adventures.
    – Day 0, You have discovered the following emplacement: a tavern
    – Day 0, You have acquired the following item: Heavy Sword
    -…[Read more]

  • dismantled & reassembled
    urb said he will implement placing and picking up of equipment so you are on the right track.

    Your Tracking/stalking idea is great. It’s so good that I will place this as a link to the secret development place for urb and the testing crew to evaluate.
    Thanks for this awesome input. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  • Base information is taken strait from the old wiki.
    I = wiki info partly modified/deleted of unnecessary content and/or corrected/refined in parts.

    ALL Deployment/Game Start options should be on the same screen page. = OPS screen.
    NOTE: A new Deployment Option is unlocked every time your profile rank is raised.
    For me every deployment option…[Read more]

  • Starting this NEW LUA MnB2+3 game suggestion with basic interface suggestions.

    1) Game display size, directional flow and layout.

    Since by now (some 15+ years later) most PC players will have a much larger monitor where the current 400×600 pixel game field seams like it belongs on a smart phone or tablet.
    a) Enlarge the game field to 1000 x…[Read more]

  • Over at the Discord a very good community member has recently discovered something that has never been mentioned to my knowledge.


    Ok just discovered something.
    If you moral frenchie to 100 (preferably with a high exp officer) with any experience rank (even none) and do sabotage he will give you 8 xp and destroy German HQ every…[Read more]

  • Here a way to prevent this, mostly.

  • QUESTION; Will TP be deducted if the Half-Track-HQ gets destroyed.

    Just tested for you, doesn’t take away TP when destroyed

  • A few professional game tips for stealthy low heat play.

    NOT getting spotted by the enemy for instance to then fail a lot of the Dis-Requirements is a pure luck thing . . .
    unless you you have a trick to that too?

    tank man
    turn up the volume and start hiding as soon as you hear footsteps, another way to determine if enemy is near but not…[Read more]

  • AaronG

    Previously Lance
    Any soldier with a gun that is semi or auto will switch targets (not always and it has to be possible to) IF the soldier has enough exp

    Noticed it with a NCO with the bar while doing Airborne Challenge.
    I used to believe that he would empty the mag on a dead soldier, but I guess that low exp soldiers.
    He had a…[Read more]

  • Good stuff man.

    This “/insertion method? Paradrop” was never done nor can I see it working in the game.
    Covert? There will be a plane you jump out of and it will be flying a bit low
    There is deadly jungle/ bad terrain under you. Jump into that . .. .

  • NamNguyenNVN
    New Unit Idea

    Scout is something urb interesr
    NVA had scout that did nothing but stalk your rangers
    They will stalk you and report back to HQ

  • NamNguyenNVN

    Counter lrrp need abit adjusting
    Mainly how they camp LZ
    Camping LZ is fine
    They need to hide in tree though
    I am sure urb can code it

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