• “D-Day+1” into “D-Day+2, 15 days ahead”. Didnt take count of the score, at some point before continuing I saw 92000 score, but didnt look at the end. I used the following squad comp: Soldier/Medic/Siggy/Engie/Spec Ops/ Gunner. I had one opportunity call which I used to replace my original spec ops, who got sniped. The replacement spec ops later…[Read more]

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    (( sometimes its hard to find words to write … I guess <- aka if you have no excuses for not writing xD ))

    Wilhelm, after having observed the activity in the tavern, leans forward suddenly, just as if he had woke up. He looks at the bowl infront of him and yells in a way that the whole tavern can hear this.

    “It iz done”

    He quickly grabs the…[Read more]

  • Meanwhile, Wilhelm, still sitting at his table next to the wall is seemingly happier and more excited.

    “Ja, it iz ready”

    He takes a large spoon out of his bag and opens up the Sugar bag and starts to pour the sugar into the bowls of lemon peels and vodka with the spoon. He empties the bag quickly and then starts to stir/mix the vodka with the…[Read more]

  • Site deleted my post when I edited it, lol

    The Barkeep brings Wilhelm the vodka that he places on the table. He continues to peel the lemons when a man approaches his table. Wilhelm looks up and sees a man in US officers uniform. The man introduces himself as Alexala and ask if he could join Wilhelm for a drink.

    ” Thank you for ze welcome. Ja,…[Read more]

  • A figure is approaching the tavern and as it reaches the edge of the woods next to the tavern it stops.
    ” Ah, The Sleeping Bear Tavern,” you could hear it saying if you were close enough,
    ” I am finally here, after all that time”
    The fade light coming from the tavern reveals that the figure is a man of quite a large and brawny body. He is…[Read more]

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