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    When the game decides it wants you double dead.


    What a coincidence. I just posted this exact picture on discord few hours ago

    But since I already replied to this tipic, let me add few cents of my experience:

    -Your basic chance of success at almost any action is 30%. But by gathering team around that man, you can boost it to 45%. Investing 5 skillpoints in proper category can lift it up to 95%
    This includes spotting assets and hostiles, calling for support, identifying trap markers and many other things.

    – One of the best things you can do in Recon, is nothing. When standing still, you do not leave tracks, do not make sound and your men have much better chance of spotting the enemy and not being spotted themselves. I guess they are also more accurate, but i can’t tell that for sure.

    – Few things you can never go wrong with when choosing skills and loadout:
    Spotting is essential. Always have at least one spotter.
    2nd place takes signalcaller. Having high comms skill allows you to call in assets more reliably, which is essential in hot situation.
    Frags are useful and you can never have too many.
    Smokes come in handy to break contact and mandatory after you reach Captain.
    Meds are a must have.
    Camera is light and gives nice XP bonuses.

    -Medical equipment gives you time to react and set up proper evacuation, rather than having to rush towards LZ and hoping for the best. But remember: every casualty MUST be evacuated anyway, so don’t act like nothing happened. You got a man down, get him out. Then continue the mission.
    Unless it’s your RTO.
    Then it’s tough choice between risking your man’s death by carrying on with a wounded man, failing the mission by evacuating preemptively, or racing against time to get it done in 12 hours before search party arrives.

    – Unless situation is really hot, don’t call in Evac until all your guys reach LZ. There’s nothing more frustrating than having your soldier left behind just as he was about to climb aboard.

    – If you have an empty slot and don’t know what to take, take frags. They are usefull for any engagement that goes loud.
    Second best thing you can take, is some more meds. depending on your remaining bulk; either bandages or IVs.
    For sneaky obs, consider Motion Sensor.
    For loud missions, consider mines.

    – For most situations try packing as light as possible. low bulk means less noise, less footprints and faster movement. That last one may be important if you want to snatch or stab a moving VC. Also, helps with general stealth which is preferred approach for any situation.

    – after certain HEAT threshold, start bringing in M72’s. They are the only safe and reliable option of taking out BTRs and can be used for many other things, like clearing bunkers or DSHKa’s.

    – taking at least 20 sec pauses between moving will help you avoid traps, especially if you have several people overlooking your planned route.

    -If you can’t afford the luxury of time, send the NFG forward, and the rest of the team behind in tight column. Yeah, cruel, I know. But it’s better to lose a no-skill private than your decorated master sargeant. Cold and efficient, but sometimes necessary.

    -If you have several KIA’s and you can afford it, call in Medevac first. It gives you time to load up your casualties and avoid MIA penalty. Calling in normal Evac is a risky, as it has to land perfectly on your men to pick them up.

    -Another trick is to call in secondary LZ evac and drop smoke directly on your dead men. This way you can guarantee the Huey will land on them nad pick them up.


    nice line of defence, But in my opinion it has some downsides:
    -overkill against infantry. 1 fully exped MG can easily mop up entire assault wave of infantry until wave ~150. Then, 2 or 3 are easily enough. But 6 MGs seem like overkill.
    -Lack of pillbox to hide the officer, signalcaller and other “passive” units in.
    -No engineer or medic in frontal bunkers to deal with pioneer explosives / sudden destruction of bunker / wounds / duds.
    -Personally I don’t like AT guns, as they take forever to kill anything and are extreamly vulnerable to any sort of attack. I’d rather resort to bunker full of zooks or, artillery support or direct method: Engineer with mines or TNT, or airborne with socks.

    I do however appreciate the Anti-222 Wall.
    Nice idea. Think I’ll use that in my next game.

    Overall, good looking defence.
    Nice holdout.
    Stay awesome and URB on!


    100 Waves without flankers
    reward: your officers have 10% higher chance of removing a flanker

    advance 25 times in one game
    reward: next advances have 1% chance to reward 2TP instead of 1.

    Drop a total of 250 paratroopers:
    reward: All airborne have 3% higher morale and 3% better rifle skill.

    Just few off the top of the hat.


    somebody ban and remove posts made by @mauro (appearing on the front as Vicky).
    It’s definitely a spam bot.

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    Enters the tavern quietly, smiles at the sight of both familliar and new faces and takes place by one of the tables.

    Damn, it’s been a while

    Hey barkeep!
    He turns towards the bar
    I guess I’ll have one of the wheat beers. Some weissbier or something like that.

    He took a glimpse at the price board and reached for his pocket.

    Huh, quite cheap that one.

    He slid the money over the counter.

    Speaking of tales:
    Sometimes you gotta wonder; how do some of the businesses manage to turn a profit.

    Because recently I came across something that I can’t possibly comprehend:
    There’s a magazine in my country writing about video games and related things. It’s their custom that to every issue they add a CD with a game on it, some trailers, pictures and other media. Usually though, the game is some minor Indie title, developed by a studio no one heard of, and even though it’s a good game it doesn’t usually cost much on it’s own.

    Which makes sense, since every issue costs about 5$.

    What doesn’t make any sense, is how in the hell did they manage to include the game that costs 20$ on Steam now. And only because of Sale. Normally it goes by full price of 40$.

    I have no idea how do they manage to do that, since they still sell over a 120 pages of quality reviews and articles, but they have to be doing something right since they are on the market for over 20 years now.

    Takes a sip.

    I guess I’ll stay here for a while, then go back to sneaking around with a band composed of a street thief, a shinobi for hire, honorable samurai, old legless sniper, a geisha spy and a tanuki.

    <as usally, a question, who can guess what title am I talking about?>

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    The forum seem to have devoured my post.

    I posted an AAR in respective forum thread, but when I look there now, it’s gone. It also doesn’t appear on the front page of the forum, just like any normal reply or post.
    However THIS:

    is still up.

    What do I do with this situation?
    And unfortunately, I can’t post it again, because I’ve already wiped the notepad I was using for writing it down.


    I promised a couple of folks on discord another AAR, and here it is. (nevermind that it’s 2 days late.)

    Operation: Yellow Sword
    Radio Relay

    Status report:
    320 days of Tour 1 Left.
    86% intel
    35% heat

    Intel report:
    Det of militias in the AO
    Det of QRF posturing nearby
    very few devices in the AO
    Weather is supposed to be dry
    Expected intermediate radio signal.

    Squad Composition:
    Leader cpl. P.Tucson – 3 spot
    Stoner – Frags – IV – Smoke – sandals
    RTO cpl. R. Elliot -3 comms
    Xm177 – radio – camera – sensor – sandlas
    pfc. R.Church – 1 demo 1 spot
    M16 – frags – M72 – sensor – sandals
    pvt. J.Mores – 1 combat
    M14 – frags – IV – knife – sandals

    C-3 6:00 Squad landed in the LZ.
    C-3 6:00 Insert report. No contact on landing. 1 Pressure mine spotted. Signal strength at 8%.
    C-3 6:15 Moving north. Signal strength 9%
    C-3 7:00 Choppers left the AO. Squad turned eastwards, since the signal strength has dropped to 7% while moving north.
    BC-3 8:00 Covert. Moving east. SS: 31%
    B-2 8:45 TOC requested info on squad’s position. SS:60%
    B-2 9:00 contact. 1 VC from local militia spotted, west of team’s position, moving sounth. Squad remained unspotted.
    B-2 11:00 Team 50% to insertion. SS:71%
    A-2 12:15 Squad located a spot with 100% signal strength. preparing All around defence and deploying ground sensors. Team 75% to insertion.
    A-2 14:00 Team on the ground. Begining retransmission.
    A-2 16:00 Sitrep. 75% covert. 7% ground covered
    A-2 19:00 time check, 2 hours of sunlight left.
    A-2 19:15 team requested extraction. Retransmission complete. Requested Bird Dog overflight.
    A-2 20:00 Bird Dog reported vechicle trail at D-3 with 1 hostile around.
    A-2 21:00 night has fallen. Squad is taking a knee and setting up all around defens for the night. At dawn they will move out and investigate a track reported by Bird Dog.
    A-2 00:00 time check: midninght. no contacts. sent contact report.
    A-2 6:00 Day break. Squad moving out, south.
    B-12 6:00 Contact. A single local VC spotted to the south west.
    C-12 9:15 P.Tucsan triggered a flare trap. Squad breaks off south to avoid contact with any VC that may come to investigate.
    D-12 11:00 Covert. Squad proceeding East in search for tracks.
    D-23 12:45 R. Church triggered a flare trap. Squad taking cover and setting up all around defence in nearby ruins.
    D-3 13:00 R.Elliot spotted tracks left by heavy vechicle. No sign of enemy.
    D-3 14:00 tracks investigated.
    D-3 15:00 squad moving north, to extract. contact with the enemy, WPS free. enemy down. no casualties. Search revealed nothing of interest.
    C-3 15:15 called in extraction. ETA 20min.
    C-3 16:00 squad avaiting at Lz. Choppers closing in. Bird dog reported enemy closing in from the north.
    C-3 16:15 squad boarded the Huey.
    C-3 16:45 chopper left the AO.

    Mission summary:

    Mission successfull.
    2 enemies spotted
    1 enemies killed
    19% coverage
    80% stealth
    38% heat
    1 photo
    1 proper radio procedure
    13th successfull mission in a row.
    P.Tucsan and R.Elliot promoted to stg’s

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    That’s exactly what Wilhelm said:
    your missing 15 waves are definitely a work of DO crates. Unfortunately you never know what does a crate contain so you have to gamble and hope to survive these extra 7 and a half minutes.

    Other than that, I haven’t ever heard of any bug or feature that would meddle with the wave counters.


    1st of all: HOLY SHIT, IT’S ACTUALLY BACK!
    2nd: funny how you mention that, because I actually had another one written down (mostly) but it’s in polish and I was just thinking about translating it.

    As for the wish:
    Granted, you know everything there is to know about URB games. But it includes all the future games which ruins the anticipation and surprise of new games coming out.

    I wish for for video game critics in the future to appreciate URB games.


    As far as I’m concerned the original wiki contains information only on MnB 2 and Recon.
    The newer one, on Fandom was supposed to contain info on other games as well, including OFV, MnB3 Stwalt nad Last Winter.
    Last time I checked, there was only slight overview of them, with exception of OFV, which had unit lists and few other elements.

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    Operation: Low November.
    Deep Reconnaissance in preparation for operation Arc Light

    Status report:
    -day 326
    -heat: 38
    -intel: 79

    Squad composition:
    stg. G. Bullock – “leader” – combat, demo, medic, spot
    -M14 – Frags – M72 – bandage – Sandals
    cpl. P. Tucson – “spotter” – 3 spot
    -Stoner – Frags – knife – smoke – sandals
    cpl. E. Smith – “assistant gunner” – combat, demo, medic
    -M14 – frags – IV – IV – sandals
    cpl. Q. Draper – “signalcaller” – 3 comms
    -EQ: xm177 – Radio – camera – sensor – sandals

    Intelligence report:
    -Det of militias in the AO
    -Section of QRF on Standby
    -Very few traps and defensive assets
    -Top Spec radio signal (not that it’s going to be of any help)
    -weather is dry. Hopefully not hot.

    C3 – 0600 – Landed on the LZ. No incoming fire at the landing Hueys
    C3 – 0600 – Heading south
    D3 – 0800 – choppers have left the AO
    D3 – 0815 – Taking fire from north-east. Single red-bandana spotted.
    D3 – 0820 – WPS free. Enemy down.
    D3/4 – 0830 – Body searched by G. Bullock. no intel. proceeding south.
    E3/4 – 0915 – squad is covert. rotating West in attempt to cover the most ground before nightfall.
    E3 – 1000 – Q. Draper spotted a mine right in front of him. took a picture with a camera.
    E2/3 – 1110 – P. Tucson reports noise from up ahead.
    E2 – 1200 – Q. Draper fell into punji stick trap. No vital signs.
    E2 – 1300 – E. Smith carries Draper. Squad makes a turn north, in order to reach the LZ.
    D2 – 1400 – Voices heard up ahead.
    C3 – 1700 – Squad has made it to the immediate surroundings of the LZ. Body of Q. Draper was left in some bushes nearby.
    C3 – 1715 – rest of the team proceeds to North-East in an attempt to cover more ground before extraction.
    C3 – 1800 – Time check: half of the time remaining.
    B/C2/3 – 2000 – Voices heard around. G.Bullock made some noise moving through the bushes. a nearby Charlie must have heard it
    B2 – 2100 – Sundown. visibility is low. Squad starts making it’s way back to LZ
    C3 – 0000 – Time check: Midnight. Squad has made it to the LZ.
    C3 – 0300 – Evac arriving in 3 hours. Team is setting up all-around on the LZ.
    C3 – 0400 – Body of Q. Draper is brought to the LZ by E. Smith and prepared for extraction.
    C3 – 0500 – Team holding position. Deployed a motion sensor. no contacts. Q. Draper’s radio received a message from extraction team. they are on the way
    C3 – 0600 – Daybreak. A helicopter is heard entering the AO. P. Tucson deployed smoke grenade on team’s position.
    C3 – 0700 – Helicopter touches the ground. Team immediatedly boards it and takes off. light ground fire on the way out.
    D1 – 0800 – Extraction helicopter leaves the AO.

    Mission summary:
    1 enemy spotted
    1 killed

    1 Ranger KIA.

    22% AO covered
    81% stealth
    39% HEAT
    1 picture
    11th successfull mission in the row.


    I always wanted to play the new Xcom, but the price kind of turned me off.
    I guess I’ll just look for next sale and in the meantime enjoy some Jagged Alliance.

    Oh, and also: It’s Sunday.
    and ya all know what that means:



    As for weapon (and in fact all of the promotions) balancing, I’d prefer more of a side-grade, rather than stright-up-grade.

    Like, you can unlock a M3greesegun, Garand and M1crabine for a radiooperator all at the same time. They are just effective at different things.
    M3 gives more suppressive power and CQC effectivness, Crabine is medicore in all aspects adn Garand is for long range.
    Most people would most likely stick to garand, because it suits the need the best, but you get the point.

    Unfortunately it get’s harder with classes like Marksman (LeeEnfield is just springfield but with double the mag capacity.) and Gunner (BAR vs Lewis vs .30cal)

    As for medals, I’d just leave them in the pool of available options for every soldier. I don’t really believe they need to be changed as a power-up.

    In case of skills, you can’t really say that one is definitely better than other, and if you can, it could be changed:
    Rifleman and grenades. Right now rifle grenade is definitely better than frag because it’s more accurate adn has longer range.
    How about making it less accurate at extreme distances (unlikely to gib a German at max firing range) and deal less AOE damage than a frag?
    This way a normal grenade will become more viable option, while rifle grenade will still have it’s advantages (range and AT capabilities.)

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