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    While I never called unintentional arty on myself, I have, on several occasions, called in wrong units who were no use (like mechanic when I have no vechicles) so, to a certian degree, I can relate.

  • What a coincidence. I just posted this exact picture on discord few hours ago

    But since I already replied to this tipic, let me add few cents of my experience:

    -Your basic chance of success at almost any action is 30%. But by gathering team around that man, you can boost it to 45%. Investing 5 skillpoints in proper category can lift it up to…[Read more]

  • nice line of defence, But in my opinion it has some downsides:
    -overkill against infantry. 1 fully exped MG can easily mop up entire assault wave of infantry until wave ~150. Then, 2 or 3 are easily enough. But 6 MGs seem like overkill.
    -Lack of pillbox to hide the officer, signalcaller and other “passive” units in.
    -No engineer or medic in…[Read more]

  • 100 Waves without flankers
    reward: your officers have 10% higher chance of removing a flanker

    advance 25 times in one game
    reward: next advances have 1% chance to reward 2TP instead of 1.

    Drop a total of 250 paratroopers:
    reward: All airborne have 3% higher morale and 3% better rifle skill.

    Just few off the top of the hat.

  • somebody ban and remove posts made by @mauro (appearing on the front as Vicky).
    It’s definitely a spam bot.

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    Hallo and welcome.
    Are you by any chance “Charlie the Radist” who used to write sick AARs?

  • Enters the tavern quietly, smiles at the sight of both familliar and new faces and takes place by one of the tables.

    Damn, it’s been a while

    Hey barkeep!
    He turns towards the bar
    I guess I’ll have one of the wheat beers. Some weissbier or something like that.

    He took a glimpse at the price board and reached for his pocket.

    Huh, quite cheap…[Read more]

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    Yay. I see it’s back. Thanks a lot mate.
    I copied and pasted a lot of text in, so that’s why the system may have taken it for spam.

  • The forum seem to have devoured my post.

    I posted an AAR in respective forum thread, but when I look there now, it’s gone. It also doesn’t appear on the front page of the forum, just like any normal reply or post.
    However THIS:

    is still up.

    What do I do with this situation?
    And unfortunately, I can’t post it again, because I’ve already wiped…[Read more]

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    I promised a couple of folks on discord another AAR, and here it is. (nevermind that it’s 2 days late.)

    Operation: Yellow Sword
    Radio Relay

    Status report:
    320 days of Tour 1 Left.
    86% intel
    35% heat

    Intel report:
    Det of militias in the AO
    Det of QRF posturing nearby
    very few devices in the AO
    Weather is supposed to be dry
    Expected…[Read more]

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  • Kacpo posted a new activity comment 5 months ago

    hard to chose…
    Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Company of Heroes 1 & 2, World in conflict, World of Warships, Settlers 3, and probably several others, depending on mood.
    Yeah, I’m playing way too much games.

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    Yes and no.
    The game in it’s current build is already streached to the limit, according to URB and adding more functions, scripts and most notably AI instances, would make it overburden the engine.
    However, there are still several functionalities that everyone can agree are missing and many more that community and URB wanted to add.
    Right now,…[Read more]

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    • Dam fine profile sheet indeed.
      You sir did a fine job of acquiring all the possible medals so far in that young profile of yours.
      Keep up the awesome work!!!

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    That’s URB games for you.
    Better luck next time.

  • That’s exactly what Wilhelm said:
    your missing 15 waves are definitely a work of DO crates. Unfortunately you never know what does a crate contain so you have to gamble and hope to survive these extra 7 and a half minutes.

    Other than that, I haven’t ever heard of any bug or feature that would meddle with the wave counters.

  • 1st of all: HOLY SHIT, IT’S ACTUALLY BACK!
    2nd: funny how you mention that, because I actually had another one written down (mostly) but it’s in polish and I was just thinking about translating it.

    As for the wish:
    Granted, you know everything there is to know about URB games. But it includes all the future games which ruins the anticipation and…[Read more]

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    As far as I’m concerned the original wiki contains information only on MnB 2 and Recon.
    The newer one, on Fandom was supposed to contain info on other games as well, including OFV, MnB3 Stwalt nad Last Winter.
    Last time I checked, there was only slight overview of them, with exception of OFV, which had unit lists and few other elements.

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    woooha. what is that new picture on the site?

  • Kacpo replied to the topic AAR in the forum Recon Movies and Screenshots 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    Operation: Low November.
    Deep Reconnaissance in preparation for operation Arc Light

    Status report:
    -day 326
    -heat: 38
    -intel: 79

    Squad composition:
    stg. G. Bullock – “leader” – combat, demo, medic, spot
    -M14 – Frags – M72 – bandage – Sandals
    cpl. P. Tucson – “spotter” – 3 spot
    -Stoner – Frags – knife – smoke – sandals
    cpl. E. Smith – “assistant…[Read more]

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