• Joker posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    snipers tend to be exp hogs,.@ wolf my opinion is you may need them, but never call that exp hogging devils too soon,

    • Ok, but why do they receive exp so quickly, even when they aren’t killing anyone?

    • because they have high rifle and even though they dont shoot often, each shot tends to kill so they get XP more consistently than a GI with 30 rifle and a springfield

      • Snipers are a subtle poison in mnb3. It can appear has an easy solution to your problems initially. Snipers if kept in the heat of the action and within a minimal range can easily outclass anyone in a short time.

        This will hurt you if you plan to go for one more map. The longer you go the more you realise that you can’t put your eggs in the same basket.

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