• Joker posted an update 1 year, 10 months ago

    Are there some MnB2 players around? I always look for tips how to do best on new profile

    • Me! lol But I only play Engineer Challenge. ….. Ha! XD

      • Haha! Watched a video of your engi playing – wow! I know I should improve there, but 🙁 not really my game

    • I don’t think that there are really more optimal ways to go about it than the strategies yourself and Italy have already posted. Ever since the Zook Nerf I feel there has been less diversity in the strategies that are available to use (and I played during the double bunker era xD). You cant really expect to go far with a small squad anymore, mines are a must every game, and every Strat is so much more expensive as you need some form of dedicated Anti Tank (least 12 TP). I think my favourite Strat of all time was the advancing one for the guerrilla warfare ribbon (which is basically what MnB3 is now, so I guess that is going for me), but something like that would just not be possible without extreme luck in the current version of the game. I do think it is a lot less accessible to newcomers now simply because the learning curve is at its highest, but at the same time it is at its most competitive for the hardcore fans as you have to be well prepared for pretty much every event nowadays (dont just have the zook+concentrate fire to save your ass anymore).

      • You say true sai, say thankya 😉 Yes, as newcomer it is a steep learning curve now, but think that is one of the most interesting parts, as you first have to learn to deal with german infantry power, once you can do that, 222, flak, pak,…will be next mountain to climb.
        I personally would like a more unfair mode button or so. With a good profile and some experience, games start to last for ages. That is a plus for MnB3 – there I can decide to go for some top game with days ahead, keeps the needed time for an extraordinary game down some.

        • Very long games was main reason I “specialized” on new profile runs in MnB2. And in my opinion, none of my high rounds game comes even close to my fifth best new profile game, but may be personal preference.

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