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  • Im from Lapland, City called Rovaniemi in Finland. i remember when we played MnB2 with my friend and now that MnB3 has come after long wait we are really enjoying this!(Thanks to Urbz & his fellows!) And for a little background information i am 18 yrs old and i’ve been studying alot of finnish warfare and im very interested in allies in ww2

  • i’ve had this problem for a quite while. im like on D-Day 20 3days ahead schedule and my progress gets lost aand i have to start all over again. any tips?

  • Hey i have a suggestion. give some classes like commandos & scouts, front field soldiers a pistol as a secondary weapon and if this troop is reloading and is in a tight spot or gun jams, they could pull the pistol and fight. it could maybe save some good men. could this be a possible thing to do? and i’d love to see some other like a lugers on…[Read more]

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