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  • urbzz posted an update 3 years, 4 months ago

    Just to keep everyone in the loop here of what’s going on in the testing group, We are currently polishing the 0.19 patch which changed the entire skill system. This is the third upload of 19 so far and we are still hashing out the few last bugs. I can’t wait to share this project with the rest of the community.

    What’s left before open beta?

    -…[Read more]

    • Oooh, great. Can’t wait. I was actually going to ask you about bunkers and the likes, but it seems I was already answered.

      An 88 emplacement sounds dreadful… I don’t want to run into one of those whilst in an urban scenario, same with the MG42…

      Maybe some more AT emplacements in the future? Small to big, pak36-pak44. Whatever, doesn’t matter…[Read more]

    • MnB3 looks like a fun experience!

    • After we finished whole things up, the first thing I want to put up will be multiple skill upgrade panel which provide every specialty to choice three skill to upgrade from lots of skill. Even it will be a tough day with bug and job, but these will be the biggest game play depth of MNB3.

      But sure, that shall be very far away. XDDD

  • You can only stay quiet to a certain extent, after all sooner or later you’re obliged to go weapons-free on many of the mission modes. The key isn’t in being able to always be quiet, but rather to manage and remain in control of when and how you go loud. Arise and Jafarcakes have given good ideas on how to remain quiet, but it’s also worth noting…[Read more]

  • I Like all the suggestions and i’d love to these implemented in recon to make the game even more glorious for us commanders around er.More effective ways to use our command effectively in the AO are always appreciated in my book.

  • Ah finally i managed to make a account for this community,I’ve been kinda stalking it for the past few months lol.Now it is time to urb it the hell up with some recon!

  • The Inn-Keeper, after having been silently observing the first reopening guests for a while, breaks out in joyful laugher.
    “My my, and none have recognized thee, flowery speaking, wilted visage as one of the founding Urbanian huntsmen dear @Brigand231“.

    He takes a deep breath and continues “Thay expertise regarding the unexplored “Wilds”…[Read more]

  • Curated list of the curated list. 😉

    *Automatic Spotting of Assets in a small (20pix perhaps) area around a Ranger.
    This may not be feasible for something like Critical Location but most other objects should be revealed when walked or run over.

    *Easier spotting of non-enemy related assets like a pond or critical Location; anything big.

    *Map…[Read more]

  • @Jafarcakes I think I may have a fix for that. I just had to fix that issue on my dev build in the editor. Not sure why that happened. Here’s a link to a build where I just fixed that issue on my own end. Do let me know if it works!